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Ideas to make some extra cash.........???

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muffins · 18/12/2008 14:41

Basically I'm 24, single mum of one DS. Living back at home with parents at the moment. I'm driving them mad. They're driving me mad. My only means of escape are to pay off my debts as soon as possible so I can afford my own place.
Currently work 4 days a week. Wednesdays off.
Ideas so far: car boots, ebay but there is only so much I can sell!!
Possibly looking for local part-time job on day off??
Any other suggestions???? Desperate!!

OP posts:
misi · 18/12/2008 23:31

have you a local large tesco nearby who need christmas temps or night permanents in general?
my sister works on a sunday night and gets £25 per hour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
probably won't suit your other work but worth a thought and an enquire if you have one nearby?
she gets about £13 p/h sat nights and around £9 for other nights

PurpleOne · 19/12/2008 02:52

How much? For Tescos? I'm in the wrong job!!!

My only suggestion was eBay. You don't have to sell your own stuff...have a scout round in charity shops for stuff you could sell on?
How much debt are you looking to be paying off?

ninedragons · 19/12/2008 04:11

Tell other people that you'll eBay their stuff for them for a cut. Lots of people have stuff they've been meaning to put on eBay but never get around to photographing it, listing it, posting it out. Many people would regard it as a very good deal if they got 50% of the money but did none of the work.

serajen · 19/12/2008 14:28

Am desperate to find someone to sell stuff for me on ebay, 50/50 split would be great with me, I have loads of things I'd like to go, where do you live PurpleOne?

muffins · 19/12/2008 16:06

There's loads to pay off Purpleone and I've accepted the fact that it is going to take a while, but even if I could get rid of some of my credit card debt (£2500 ish) over the course of next year I'd be happier. I never thought of buying stuff at a charity shop and selling it on! Think I'll get a load of stuff together and start e-baying in the new year, just before Christmas prob isn't the best time is it??

OP posts:
gillybean2 · 20/12/2008 17:45

If your parents can help you out with babysitting then I would suggest doing night work at the supermarkets. Very good rates of pay!

SparklyBaubleFeast · 20/12/2008 17:57

avon, ?

muffins · 23/12/2008 14:15

Well I've been on the Avon website and filled out an online form so waiting to hear from them. That would be quite good actually as I could take DS for walk at same time as dropping off catalogues.
As soon as get a camera film I'm going to start taking pics for e-bay (no digital camera)
Already work 4 days in NHS so not too keen on stacking ahelves in the middle of the night-the babysitting issue is a bit of a sore point too.
Anyone know where a good place to sell homemade stuff is? Online/fetes etc. Handmade peg bags/door tidies stuff like that

OP posts:
ilovetochatupsanta · 23/12/2008 14:22

i have been looking at selling for osbourne books but not sure if it is worthwhile?

Tryharder · 26/12/2008 22:55

I did some domestic cleaning a while ago when i needed some extra cash - charged £9 per hour - OK if you like cleaning (I quite like it ) but obviously bad if you don't.

Ebay's OK but I find after all the charges have been deducted (PP, ebay's fees), you hardly make anything - it's a buyers market out there at the moment...

I have a friend who makes quite a lot from Avon but she's a real gift of the gab sort who knocks on doors, talks to the women and drums up sales - I think if you're only going to post the catalogues and leave it at that, you won't do as well. ("you" in the general sense as opposed to you personally, OP)

thatsnotmymonster · 26/12/2008 22:59

I did a car boot sale 2 weeks ago and made over £100. I shared a stall with my friend and she made over £170. This was all from 1 stall in 4 hours! And we came back with half of our stuff so can do another one in January.

Tryharder · 26/12/2008 23:05

Bloody hell, thatsnotmymonster, that's really good. i did a carboot last summer, it absolutely peed it down the entire time and i made about £15! I'm much too nice for carboots, I let everyone talk my prices down and practically give everything away...

Tryharder · 26/12/2008 23:06

Oh, what about courier/parcel delivering (if you have your own car, that is).

thatsnotmymonster · 26/12/2008 23:14

Lol, tryharder, it wasn't hard at all! It was in a multi-storey carpark right in the centre of Edinburgh so weather was not a problem and it was big business. I only sold baby clothes, books, a few toys, a cheese toastie machine, a nice perfume and some other tiny odds and ends!

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