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omg i have been asked out ...

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mrsmortenharket · 01/12/2008 09:17

... by someone who has been texting me on fb. wtf do i do now?

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Pinkchampagne · 01/12/2008 09:21

Ohh, sounds exciting! Do you want to go out with him?

mrsmortenharket · 01/12/2008 09:24

i don't know
he's from the other end of the country and only know of him through fb, not talked that much

and have been talking to local bloke on zoosk (through fb) as well. no-one for nearly a year and then loads ...

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mrsmortenharket · 01/12/2008 09:24

morning pc hows you? (((())) mwah mwah

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Pinkchampagne · 01/12/2008 09:27

I know someone who met up with someone she had been talking to on fb. They met in May, and she moved the other side of the country to live with him within a month or so. She has since married him & is a couple of months pregnant now! All in the space of 6 months!!

mrsmortenharket · 01/12/2008 09:30

omg are you trying to scare me!!

OP posts:
Pinkchampagne · 01/12/2008 09:30

Morning, MMH. (you appear to be married to MY lover by the way!)
I am home from work with a sick child today. Both my boys have been hit with this awful tummy bug.

All these opportunities, MMH! Have you seen this guys photo?

Pinkchampagne · 01/12/2008 09:31

Lol! Think she was kind of in the extreme!!

mrsmortenharket · 01/12/2008 09:34

pfft! he is mine all mine i tell you!!

yes, i have seen a photo, have tried getting rl friend to look at it over fb but it's blocked to other people!oh gawd pc. was feeling really lonely (a physical pain) last night) and now have been asked to go for a drink! he has dark hair, a sense of humour (he is wearing pink rabbit ears in the photo) and this other guy is blond and has a motorbike. there seems to be a choice of two, light and dark, helllllllllllp!!!

OP posts:
Pinkchampagne · 01/12/2008 09:39

Ohh, I say go for it...try the light & dark one & see which one you like best!!

TheMuppetMuggle · 01/12/2008 09:40

Go for it Girl!!!

You deserve it

Go on a date with both hehe!!! xxxx

mrsmortenharket · 01/12/2008 09:42

i have nothing to wear ...

tbh pc, i was enjoying the attention but didn't think it would lead to anything near a date ...

OP posts:
Pinkchampagne · 01/12/2008 09:45

Well there you go...they say these things happen when you least expect them!

Where is he talking of taking you, or haven't you got that far yet?!

A shopping trip may be in order for a new outfit!

mrsmortenharket · 01/12/2008 09:47

can't afford anything new, have :
dd's present
train tickets to see family before xmas
a rather large phone bill that should've been paid today but can't get through to discuss it as am disputing it (sposed to be free evening and weekend calls - have been charged for some of them)

oh gawd

OP posts:
mrsmortenharket · 01/12/2008 09:58

he lef this number too
am nervous niow

OP posts:
Pinkchampagne · 01/12/2008 09:59

Jeans, nice top, heels. Bet you have at least one of each of the following...sorted! Get looking in that wardrobe of yours!

mrsmortenharket · 01/12/2008 10:00

lol have to go now, pc (library one that is !) is goingto exoire in half min byeeeeeeeeee xxx

OP posts:
TheMuppetMuggle · 01/12/2008 10:02

what to wear hmm decisions - depends where your going and what your doing!! xx

mrsmortenharket · 01/12/2008 14:37

what you mean "what you're doing?"!

OP posts:
TheMuppetsChristmasMuggle · 01/12/2008 15:01


i.e going for dinner or something more challenging like bowling lol

mrsmortenharket · 02/12/2008 15:50

a timewaster after one thing!!!
he sent about ten texts yesterday, i said let me know what time you will be in so i can arrange babysitter and taxi, he said (this is after deciding on friday as date night)

"shall i pop over for coffee as i am not sure when i will be in the area ;)"

so i said " that would be lovely but could we meet in town instead?"

didn't hear a word for nearly four hours. then it was text saying "didn't mean anything naughty" bollocks did he!!!! does he thinki'm stupid? now have to remove him fromn fb thing! not fussed about going on friday, too many warning flags on this one

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