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well guess what i just got from the CSA? (half rant/half not).

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nightowl · 19/03/2005 11:37

a letter listing arrears my ex has to pay. thats a joke, theyve never got a penny from him and its been a year now. so anyway, i thought id give them a ring as i didnt understand how they had worked it out and i did a couple of calcs first. one based on the info he had given them (ie none at first and then a fraudulent claim from his current gf). then i did one based on the correct info (that he had another child in the home which is still in the home). it worked out that if he had told the truth in the beggining, he would actually owe me less than he does now. i dont know if i will ever see the money but it made me laugh anyway!

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somebody · 19/03/2005 20:05

Message withdrawn

HappyDaddy · 19/03/2005 22:13

I was actually told that the reason my payments were so extortionately high was because I was paying for all the dads who don't pay a thing.

Thanks a bunch CSA.

lockets · 19/03/2005 22:19

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Message withdrawn

nightowl · 19/03/2005 22:40

i rang them this morning...well i tried to. got an answerphone message saying that lines were closed today as they were updating the computer system to "make it more efficient" pmsl. happydaddy bet that pleased you didnt it? its so annoying, dd's dad is a prize tosser anyway but csa have all his details, i gave them the lot a year ago. i just cannot work out why they havent just taken it out of his wages. they keep making polite request after polite request for money which he ignores completely. what happened to all these so called powers they have? i can picture it "please sir, could we have some money" "no, ok then we'll phone back in a few months"...(few months later) "do you think sir we might have a few pennies from you?" "no? ok well never mind, we'll phone back once every 3 months so you can ignore us" (i know this doesnt actually happen but i have a good imagination!) why exactly are men sooo scared of the csa? i dont know one person who has ever got a penny from their ex through the csa.

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