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Here we go again- CSA - will ex be penalised for wasting their time?

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littlelamb · 02/11/2008 23:20

They have rung him several times to speak about maintenance for ds and each time he has basically told them he has never heard of himself!? and that they have the wrong number. I know the number they have is right. I am so so angry that he could be so low and try and get out of his maintenance though sadly it doesn't surprise me. What pees me off is that he is wasting everyones time, not to mention lying. Will he be penalised for lying? I just think there should be some kind of punishment for him . I know he will be left with a big backpayment owing when they eventually work out the claim but he is not going to make it easy. As much as I hate the CSA, if they are up against lying &*%^&£s every day I can see how it might complicate things. Aaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

OP posts:
DippyDora · 02/11/2008 23:24

The maintence calculation doesnt start until your dp/dh has recieved a MEF (maintence enquiry form).

Presumubly he hasnt recieved one of these yet as they are still trying to contact him by phone.

So at the moment you are not due any back payment.


Pawslikepaddington · 02/11/2008 23:27

Sorry but it only gets worse. Try and mentally write off maintenance, and then if you get it it's a bonus IYSWIM-I've been battling the CSA, let alone the ex, for maintenance for 5 years and still haven't even had a letter saying what I should be entitled to. I know this is a downer of a post but you can't get your hopes up about maintenance, as 9 times out of 10 you won't get it through the CSA.

littlelamb · 02/11/2008 23:28

Really?? I put in my claim 4 months ago. Will it not be calculated from then? They are sending him a form tomorrow but I am fully expecting him to throw it in the bin Its so frustrating

OP posts:
CarGirl · 02/11/2008 23:32

Mine has always been backdated to when the CSA received my form? I've had no problems, the ex has tried to get out of paying it, appealed etc etc but ultimately not gone to court and coughed up.

Pawslikepaddington · 02/11/2008 23:32

Nope, they are complete feckless idiots, and I very rarely say things like that!!

If the ex doesn't cooperate they just don't bother with him, and they will never ever ring you to tell you how it is going, so you end up with a huge phone bill for nothing. My ex just won't answer his phone to them, so despite me giving them his address, his mum's address, his work address and his girlfriend's address (and phone no's for all the above) they can do nothing apparently.

littlelamb · 02/11/2008 23:35

Good to know CarGirl. I can't see how he thinks he can get away with lying to them. Beyond the issue of him ever actually stumping up (which I'm not holding my breath for) its the dishonesty that really gets me. They rang me yesterday to check the number I'd given them and it was right It had been marked on their records that whoever answered denied any knowledge of the person they were asking for. I guess the problem would be proving it was him that answered but come on

OP posts:
DippyDora · 02/11/2008 23:45

Its definatly backdated to the day the NRP recieves the MEF form.

And there is every chance he will get away with lying to them.

The CSA have a history of coming down hard on NRP's that are willing to pay but they rarely bother chase NRP's who use avoidence tactics.

neva · 03/11/2008 21:19

If your ex should be paying and the payments don't start to flow - for whatever reason- then you can go through the the CSA's complaints procedure. Your MP should be able to help with this. The CSA are used to dealing with unco-operative parents and should be equipped to deal with this. As has been said, regard any payments as a bonus and don't let it stress you.

ruth1978 · 06/11/2008 11:48

The csa are rubbish. i had the same problem with my ex telling them he hasn't heard of himself!!! But finally, after over 6 years they've caught him. i found out where he worked through a friend, so i told the csa, they said he owed me £3000 in back payments, and they'd be taking him to court. They did nothing, so i got in touch with a company online called THE INDEPENDENT CASE EXAMINER, anyone heard of it? they were fantastic, it's all free (google it, it's all done online, you fill a form in with your complaint)...within 2 weeks the csa were sorting out a deductions of earnings from my ex and he's paid ever since. I still don't expect the payments though simply because i know he could quit his job anytime and lose the csa's trail..he's done it before, i fully expect it to happen again.

The only consolation i have for myself and for all of you, is that we have these beautiful children and the men don't, they're the one's who'll be sad and lonely one day. i would much rather have my child and no money from my ex at all, rather than loadsa money and no child..he's lost out big time!

glitterfairy · 06/11/2008 12:15

My MP is complaining at the moment to the CSA and it has got them moving a little faster but if that fails will take it to the Independent case examiner thanks Ruth.

My tosser of an x is stalling them all at the moment but is currently employed so it should be simple to just ask the personnel department where he is working meantime I am down to my last £100 this month. He is a worm.

AnarchyAunt · 06/11/2008 12:18

He'll get away with it.


XP did the same sort of thing, and has parents lied for him . In 3.5 years I have seen approx. £15.

If the NRP ignores letters and phonecalls the CSA tend to give up.

glitterfairy · 06/11/2008 12:20

It is pathetic when the Inland revenue manages to get money. I cant imagine them taking oh sorry I meant to ring you as an excuse.

Anarchy what awful in laws!

AnarchyAunt · 06/11/2008 12:26


He worked cash-in-hand to avoid paying maintainance. I reported him, and when asked how he supported himself if neither working no claiming, he got out of it by saying his parents were giving him money to live off. They backed him up.

They put a Default Maintanence Decision on him for £20 a week (based on estimated earnings as he refused to give details) and he got his arse down the JobCentre pretty damn quick to sign on. Now we get £1.67 a week - he pays £5 but its split between 3 kids he doesn't live with.

glitterfairy · 06/11/2008 15:40

God. Have just had the CSA on explaining that even though they took a year and a half to get him to agree to pay anything and now have been chasing him again it is very difficult.

Apparently he has changed address three times and has recently told them he moved again but actually has been living at the same place for the last three years!

He is an arsehole and frankly people who do not pay child maintenance deserve to live unhappy and lonely lives they are immoral and feckless.

mosschops30 · 06/11/2008 15:50

littlelamb is he self employed? Why cant they set up a deduction of earnings order or track him down through his employer?

I hate the CSA they drag me down on a monthly basis, have just written them a scathing letter of complaint but I doubt it will get me anywhere

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