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Have you ever hosted a party by yourself?

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raisinbran · 29/10/2008 19:54

With December Christmas approaching I wondered if I should invite the neighbours over for a drink in an attempt to get to know them. ( I moved here in Septemeber and have only said hello to one couple).

However do I have it when whilst the kids are here or away with their dad.

If I invited them and they brought their children along it could be very crowed and I don't think I could cope with supervising and hosting by myself.
How many would you invite would I be better just inviting the ladies. I have no idea if they all get on or would even come. My children don't go to the local school so I don't know anyone?

Any thoughts?

OP posts:
Debra1981 · 29/10/2008 20:47

Hi, no real wisedom, just thought I'd say I was thinking about doing similar. We have been here since Feb, spoken to most of the neighbours but not really got to know them. I've never hosted a party ever so hesitant myself. As dd is only 2 was thinking it'd probably be easier if I did it while she was at her dad's, hadn't really considered doing it with her here, would be nice for her to get to know local kids but it's likely to be a late finish for her. If they bring kids I'd expect parents to mind their own tbh, just put breakables away in a bedroom if you have any. Was just thinking of inviting those in my terrace and the one opposite, not just ladies (unless that's all you want), as might put some shier ones off, and I think it could put the blokes noses out a bit. Saying that I don't really know blokes so may be wrong.

hauntedcitylover · 29/10/2008 21:26

I had one earlier this year. It was mainly women and children with the odd dad. But great fun nontheless.

The weather was bad and we all had to stay indoors.

I did invite my neighbours out of courtesy but none of them came. But they are all quite friendly ie we chat and lend each other milk, onions whatever we have run out of.

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