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I just completely lost it....

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angrymama · 25/10/2008 17:19 my car, otside my house, with no parking place AGAIN, i rolled down my windows and SCREAMED my head off!
that was 3 hours ago, and i fell rather embarressed and yet strangly justified.
I live in a residential street, but opposite Bathroom store, and another store, and if i drive somewhere, i can never park even near my house until after 5pm.
Its so trivial, but all the stresses are adding up, and today i let it out.
the worst thing is that earlier in the day i had a standoff with my daughter about not giving her an icecream cos we had some at home, and she was beginning to tantrum, and was then in the car when i had mine!!

OP posts:
danceontherun · 25/10/2008 17:40

Don't panic!!We all lose it sometimes.why don't you treat yourself with some of that ice cream when your DD is in bed? It's Saturday after all.....

Skramble · 26/10/2008 01:15

Its OK you are allowed .

Mummies should have special allowances to have mummy tantrums. Who won the ice cream stand off?

If I end up in a stand off if I see I am going to give in I do it in a way that makes it sound like I have won really. LIke "Fine you can have a ice cream BUT only if mummy can have one too RIGHT!!!"

glitterfairy · 26/10/2008 08:34

Sometimes it is the small stuff which makes everything seem so much worse! Hope you are feeling better now.

Beetroot · 26/10/2008 08:35

Glitter - sorry will call you soon - has been madly hectic here - one visist on top of another.

Love to my GC!
glitterfairy · 26/10/2008 08:40

Hiya Beets worry not I know the feeling!

angrymama · 27/10/2008 17:24

thanks for the reassurance!
I won the icecream when she also demanded a bottle of water, and I said "ok, water or icecream".....she said water!
I know!how cool is that!
feel much better, but a bit sad that as a role model....I throw the worst tantrums, and yet cant stand it when she does hers!

OP posts:
glitterfairy · 28/10/2008 10:00

Glad it worked out ok in the end. Take care.

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