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What do you do everyday if you do not work full time?

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cantpickyourfamily · 24/10/2008 13:39

DD is 15months and I try to take her to as many baby groups as possible, mon, tues and wed we went to one yesterday she was with her dad so I went window shopping and today we have stayed in but might pop out to the park.

I work parttime but only one day per week. And I am thinking about starting a full time course.

I feel like I am going crazy sometimes, what do you do everyday? I go for walks to the supermarket just so we can get oput and about and now it is getting colder I think I will feel evenmore bored.

OP posts:
myermay · 24/10/2008 13:43

hi - i remeber when i only had one child and i did find it really boring, even though we did baby massage, swimming etc. Now i've got 2 i never get bored - usually we:

Meet friends or have them over to play
food shopping
run errands

thats about it really

asdmumandteacher · 24/10/2008 13:47

I was the same - went back to work full time when DS1 was 7 months old - did that for 6 months and then went part time (2 and a half days a week) Had DS2 and went back part time and now both are off at school i have a day off and am bored on just my day off so went and got a new job for my day off this morning (ok admittedly only 3 hours off day off)

I know what you mean - i was sooooooo bored when they were little - i couldn't wait to get back to work

asdmumandteacher · 24/10/2008 13:48

of (to many offs and ofs in that post!oops!!)

mazzystartled · 24/10/2008 13:50

lunch/play at mate's houses
make lunch/offer coffee for them here
your dd is just getting to the age where you can do some baking and mad craft stuff with her, if you can stand the mess
check out your local children's centre and surestart, they have lots of stuff on for parents as well as children [courses, pamper sessions, often with creche, great for your social life]
soft play when its affordable [ours has free wireless internet access]
local museums and art galleries, usually have stuff for kids, plus nice cafes for a cuppa

cantpickyourfamily · 24/10/2008 14:10

I always have things to do like housework etc but feel bored of that.

I do not have any friends with children of a similar age to dd so maybe if I did that would really help as need some adult company. It is different when you are alone with dd day and night as there is never anyone you can talk to even in the evenings.

OP posts:
cantpickyourfamily · 24/10/2008 14:11

asdmum - gosh you sound busy, you cannot stand doing nothing even more then me... lol

OP posts:
cantpickyourfamily · 24/10/2008 14:13

mazzystartled - how do I find out about those as did not know they do things for parents,I would love to meet some mums with children similar age to dd.

OP posts:
dinny · 24/10/2008 14:14

I went to the gym most mornings when dd and ds were young, then met friends/went swimming/park in the afternoon

mazzystartled · 24/10/2008 14:15

try your local council's website and look under early years
or go to surestart website and enter your local area
where are you based?
have you tried mumsnet local?

cantpickyourfamily · 24/10/2008 14:34

dinny - I keep meaning to book dd into the cerche at the gym to see how she goes as could really do with tge exercise and my membership is going to waste.

OP posts:
cantpickyourfamily · 24/10/2008 14:38

mazzy - thanks I will have a look, I'm in east dulwich, london, I have not even noticed mums net local, will have a look....

OP posts:
mazzystartled · 24/10/2008 14:44

bet the nct is pretty strong near you too. they do coffee mornings and stuff - can be a bit 'straight' but quite nice really

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