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Lonely sunday

6 replies

Skramble · 19/10/2008 17:20

Just wanted a moan, sitting here all alone kids with dad.

Did get invited round to exPIL's for fryup, but back home all afternoon, heating broke and fed up. Should be studying but not back into thew swing of that yet this year, don't know when they are due back so don't know if I am making them dinner or not. He might take them to his parents for a bit, might have dinner who knows.

Sorry just fed up and cold .

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Katiekins83 · 19/10/2008 19:22

hi scramble... dont be fed least your Xp isnt constantly around you! and your Dcs will be abck soon. What are you studying?

Katiekins83 · 19/10/2008 19:22

hugs to you

Janos · 19/10/2008 20:26

I think you are entitled to feel a bit fed up! It can be really lonely sometimes, I know that feeling.

Is there anything nice you can do for yourself as a treat?

Skramble · 19/10/2008 22:23

Kids had dinner at MIL's with him so I had dinner on my own.

Had a nice evening with kids though especially DD, I helped her with a seriously hard jigsaw .

Couldn't handle it if exH was hanging around all the time, ugh!! He is just a pain who never thinks to organise things in advance and I have to chase for info all the time. Fecker!!!

Its ok it reminds why I am better off without him, shame the kids still have to see him .

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PurplePumpkinWitchyOne · 20/10/2008 01:42

I feel the same way skramble.

Exh is still around after 13 years. Kudos to him I suppose. DD2s birthday on Tuesday here. daddy's not coming, cos he's a Jehovahs witness now.

So he has offered to take her Sunday morning for presents. Yet he wants to take her to Kingdom Hall beforehand.
DD2 is having sleepover on Saturday night, he never gave a time he was coming Sunday anyways. She IS NOT GOING to KH. She cried tonight. She hates going there.

He ruined (rather his wife) ruined her bday last year and she's a bit panicky about it.

I know how you feel about the loneliness. I wish he'd fuck off sometimes. He's bloody married now and wants to keep calling me every day
Sabotaged my date, never saw him again.
Have only recently got him to put his hand in his bloody pocket.

Wishing you well skramble. MN is my lifesaver really.

Skramble · 20/10/2008 23:21

MN is def a life saver, I seem to spend all my lonely monets on here and then I don't seem so lonely.

My exH is going for the minimal conversation route which suits me fine, just wish he could pass on the vital info when it is needed. Quite happy for him to piss of with his little telly tubby perfect housewife( she looked OK when they first started having a fling now she looks done in and older than me]. Tee hee I have to laugh at something only 12 months in and she is no longer the young attractive blond he went for.

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