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my god - financial situation ridiculous

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jnmum · 18/10/2008 23:26

I have been working 26 hours a week. I have had my hours cut to 18.5 per week and have just worked out that I am better off by £360 per year just in the cost I will be saving in childcare, car parking, childcare vouchers (from my employer) etc by working the shorter hours...!

OP posts:
gillybean2 · 19/10/2008 09:20

Yup, crazy isn't it. You'll probably get an increase in WTC too, so you might be even better off! And possibly be able to claim CTC and the child care element of CTC (which is usually a better deal that the employer schemes).

I dropped hours at work last year after finding out i'd be better off overall. It's so silly for those of us that want to work.

JollyPirate · 19/10/2008 09:27

I am going to look at dropping my hours too. Currently work 30 hours but have separated from DH. He was going to move to be nearby but has decided to stay 170 miles away while saying he loves DS to bits( why be so far away then dearie).

I earn good money on 30 hours (just over 26k) but want to be around a bit more for DS.

Rent is nearly £700 a month though so nearly 50% of my salary. I earn too much for any help with housing, council tax etc.But every single month is a struggle.

DH has just agreed to give me £200 a month but is crap with money so am not always certain of receiving it.

Am going to try and work out if I will be no worse of by dropping my hours and maybe getting some help with rent etc.

glitterfairy · 19/10/2008 12:23

I work full time 37.5 hours a week and have three kids and my X contributes nothing at all although he also works full time. Apparently the CSA have a backlog so have got my local MP onto it.

AS for working tax credit it helps but the government getting men to pay properly for their kids and ensuring childcare was cheaper would do a lot more!

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