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I've just had a hellish and frustrating day, please sympathise!

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Janos · 14/10/2008 18:11

I did post something in the chat section earlier but it sank without trace (probably deserved as it was pretty whingy) so here goes.

Today has been quite stressful. It started with me calling docs for an appointment, 20 minutes trying to get through to be met with a rude and snappy receptionist. Does DS REALLY need to be seen today, yes he does thanks, ok fine, let that one go and turn up for appt.

Doctor is running half an hour late. I will be horrendously late for work (have to drop DS off at nursery from docs plus get to work) but I have explained and this should be ok. I figure I can save time by picking prescription up at lunch time.

Oh, ha ha. I go to chemists and she says fine, no prob will have it ready in 10 mins. I come back in 10 mins oh sorry we don't actually have it you will need to go elsewhere.

I say fine (thinking GGRRR)..ok...I will have to leave work early and trail across town to get it at another chemists. Thankfully I'm able to to do this although lose a lot of work time which is not good.

So I leave, arrive at other chemists. 1 hour before I am due to collect DS from nursery thinking this will be plenty of time. I arrive and the woman says 'This will be at least 45 minutes'. I can't wait that long as I have to pick DS up.

So. I have lost several hours at work which I can ill afford. My Xp despite offering to help has been as much use as a chocolate fecking teapot. My BF is not answering her phone and my DP responds to my message by telling me how difficult and stressful his life is. And my poor DS has not got the medicine he really needs.


Now I must go and make our tea. What a RANT.

OP posts:
Janos · 14/10/2008 18:30

Just in case anyone is wondering why I didn't ask DP for help we don't live together and he is 40 miles away - plus I don't ahve any friends or family nearby who could pick up DS at short notice.

OP posts:
Bunch · 14/10/2008 18:32

If DS really needed a Doctors appt that urgently (ie today) should he have been at nursery anyway?

Bunch · 14/10/2008 18:32

If DS really needed a Doctors appt that urgently (ie today) should he have been at nursery anyway?

SpandexIsMyEnemy · 14/10/2008 18:33

oh dear.

sit down tonight when DS is in bed and relax with a nice bottle of wine.

are you able to get his med's in the morning, or can you drop the prescription off to your mums or something for her to collect?

Janos · 14/10/2008 18:37

Yes he absolutely did need the appt Bunch - it's an ongoing (but not infectious) skin disease. Nursery are fully aware of what's going on and are entirely happy for him to be there - realise that's not clear from the OP.

Aside from that, I'd been trying to get an appt for several days. Same surgery who insisted I come in again if it wasn't cleared up within 10 days.

His dad has had ample opportunity to take him and - well, he hasn't.

OP posts:
Bunch · 14/10/2008 18:38

Oh, ok, sorry. Have a cup of tea/glass of wine.

Janos · 14/10/2008 18:41

Sorry I'm rambling a bit.

No support really, only other person who can collect the prescription is XP, and like I said he being chocolate teapot-y.

Ignoring texts, calls etc. Probably relishing the opportunity to wind me up I expect!

I will be relaxing with my favourite drink later, thank you spandex

OP posts:
Janos · 14/10/2008 18:42

That's cool Bunch I re-read OP and TBH I would have asked the same question as you!

It's just been one of the bloomin days!

OP posts:
citronella · 14/10/2008 18:46

Sorry you're having a tough day. Have another glass of wine.

Janos · 14/10/2008 18:48

I shall break out the wine when DS goes to bed. Tomorrow is another day

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