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Single parents are fabulous

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nappybaglady · 04/03/2005 21:41

Ok, I'm a fake. I'm not a single parent. DH has been away this week. DD was sick on weds so couldn't go to nursery for rest of week. I work 3 days. My parents are on hol. My inlaws are 100 miles away. This has not been an easy week for me.

Don't get me wrong. We coped. DD's feeling better. DH will be home later. FIL drove up at 5am so i could get to work today

How on earth do you guys manage this stuff all the time?

Often when I'm having a tough day I wonder how I would cope alone. I'm sure that I would, because you just have to get on with it. Please don't think I'm being patronising. I am just genuinely in awe of parents who manage alone all the time and felt like saying so.

Hope you all have a great weekend with your lovely kids

OP posts:
nightowl · 15/03/2005 22:47

although strangely, people always assumed i was a single mum before i was (my age i expect) and that used to annoy me aswell! (i complain a lot, me )

weesaidie · 16/03/2005 20:03

That is why I avoid mother and baby groups (altho it would be nice to know some people with kids) but I always feel a bit of a leper... I look round and see all the wedding rings and feel like an outsider!

I am sure they are all lovely but I end up chickening out...

Fimbo · 16/03/2005 20:16

Nappybaglady-Your week sounds pretty much like mine-Dh is working in London this week (it is within commuting distance - but oh no got to stay over in 5* Hotel - phoned him the other night and they were out drinking ), dd is off school due to a nasty flu virus that seems to last for ages, ds threw up all over the kitchen floor last night, then decided to smear it all over his hands and feet, I am stuck at home with 2 ill kids, dh is away, live in England but all close friends/family live in Scotland, think I am coming down with the flu virus and all I want to do is scream.

So yes, I do take my hat off to all you single parents out there, I think you are wonderful and ok I suppose you cope and get on with things but I think you all deserve a medal.

SeaShells · 16/03/2005 20:33

I was going to do a thread like this Nappybaglady, my DP has been away for the last 2 weeks and it has been so hard, I know 2 weeks is very different to being a lone parent full time, but it has given me a little insight into how difficult a job being a lone parent must be! I have never felt so tired. I took for granted how much DP actually does, never again!
I bow down to all the lone parents, and the amazing job they do!

wobblyknicks · 16/03/2005 20:38

at this thread. But got to say lately, and no disrespect to two parent families, I'm really appreciating being a single mum. Yes its all my responsibility which is bloody hard but when it all goes right its all because of me, when dd does something new or fab for the first time its me and only me that gets to see it day in day out. If she wakes in the night I can go and sleep with her (and watch her at her cutest - ASLEEP!!) without a dp/dh moaning at me. I don't have to get anyone's dinner on the table apart from hers (I eat rubbish half the time ) and I don't have to sort out anyone's life for them except hers. So its not all bad

Aimsmum · 16/03/2005 20:42

Message withdrawn

rickman · 16/03/2005 20:48

Message withdrawn

wobblyknicks · 16/03/2005 20:54

rickman - know what you mean, am trying hard to work out what men are for these days, definitely can't work out why I need one, well a permanent one anyway!!!

TiredBunny · 16/03/2005 22:49

I am really low at the moment but the one thing that holds me together is knowing that I am a great mum and my daughter is ace. She is who she is because of me! Have had loads of compliments about her recently and it really lifts me.

wobblyknicks · 16/03/2005 23:04

Sorry you're so low TB but glad you feel better being a fab mum, that's worth its weight in gold.

Caligula · 16/03/2005 23:11

Oh yes, yes, yes, just keep on telling me how fabulous I am!

Now I know why I'm addicted to Mumsnet!

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