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Lone parents

Single parents are fabulous

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nappybaglady · 04/03/2005 21:41

Ok, I'm a fake. I'm not a single parent. DH has been away this week. DD was sick on weds so couldn't go to nursery for rest of week. I work 3 days. My parents are on hol. My inlaws are 100 miles away. This has not been an easy week for me.

Don't get me wrong. We coped. DD's feeling better. DH will be home later. FIL drove up at 5am so i could get to work today

How on earth do you guys manage this stuff all the time?

Often when I'm having a tough day I wonder how I would cope alone. I'm sure that I would, because you just have to get on with it. Please don't think I'm being patronising. I am just genuinely in awe of parents who manage alone all the time and felt like saying so.

Hope you all have a great weekend with your lovely kids

OP posts:
nappybaglady · 04/03/2005 21:42


Grin didn't work (it relly has been a bad week!)

OP posts:
Janh · 04/03/2005 21:43

Agree 100%, nbl

maomao · 04/03/2005 21:50

Hear hear!

maisystar · 04/03/2005 22:10

oooh stop

Amanda3266 · 04/03/2005 22:12

I rely on DH so much for support that I can hardly imagine how difficult it must be managing on your own. I honestly don't think I could cope. I'm sure if push came to shove I would but it's a terrifying thought.
I agree - hats off to single parents everywhere.

livvysmum · 05/03/2005 21:05

thanks for saying all those lovely things NBL i always feel like i'm looked down on for being a single mum. i try to stay positive about my situation, but never really thought that i was doing anything amazing, to me it just feels like; 'well this is how it is, best get on with it'. thanks, i feel all warm and fuzzy now.

nightowl · 05/03/2005 23:35

warm and fuzzy here too....awwww....

ionesmum · 05/03/2005 23:37

Absolutely NBL. I admire single mums soooooooo much.

sansouci · 05/03/2005 23:38

Single parents are brave!

TiredBunny · 06/03/2005 00:00

Thanks everyone - its tough but very rewardng when you realise that ace little being is down to you alone. Took my dd out to a nice restaurant for a mothers day lunch and she was so well behaved. just wish i could borrow someones dp or dh to babysit so i could have a lie in!!!

Beansmum · 06/03/2005 10:30

I know I'm fabulous!and ds is an angel because of ME!

But honestly single parents just cope because we have to, there's no other choice, any of you would do the same.

Aimsmum · 06/03/2005 11:17

Message withdrawn

Bugsy2 · 08/03/2005 15:38

What a lovely thread, thank you nappybaglady. All my friends say the same to me when they have a week without their partners/husbands!!
Beansmum is spot on though, you cope because there is no other option and now my children are a bit older 2.5 & 5 it is much easier than when I started two years ago.
Big hand for all single parents.

flamesparrow · 08/03/2005 15:42

I was wondering how you all coped too - last weekend in the middle of the night, I had a screaming writhing child.. I think she was in pain because she'd been being starved for a tummy bug and was just plain hunrgy. She wouldn't let me touch her, she looked like she was going to fit so I didn't want to leave her, and she needed a bottle to try and get something in her tummy.

I had Boy who could go and do bottle while I stayed with B... what do you do? How do you cope??

My mum raised us by herself, but only from the age of 11, and I think she is amazing for how well she did. All of you with teeny babies - you deserve huge cheers!


TheVillageIdiot · 08/03/2005 15:51

Yes we are all fab no not really - well we are but no more fab than anyone else!

Lone parents do it because they have to or because they choose to. You just get on with it. I'm happy being a lone parent and although it's tough sometimes (particularly when ill and you have no respite) Lone parents never have to argue about how to discipline, or feel that the other person in the relationship isn't pulling their weight etc

TbH, I'd find it harder being in a relationship with a man who didn't do his share or looking after the kids than being a lone parent. Anyway I think I've gone off on a tangent so I'll duck out again

TheVillageIdiot · 08/03/2005 16:39

bu*ger killed the thread! soz!!

Bugsy2 · 08/03/2005 16:45

Villageidiot, I know where you are coming from. I am happier and find it easier to parent on my own than with someone who makes parenting a joyless, stressful endurance test!

maisystar · 08/03/2005 17:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

TiredBunny · 08/03/2005 20:59

Here here Village Idiot. I was able to cope the other week when my 3 yr old dd threw up all over me in my bed... so me, her and the bed were covered in sick. dont know how i did it but hey... my ex used to make it worse - rubbing inthe sick with a dry piece of kitchen roll etc etc. though it is nice to have someone to say 'shall we call the doctor' to.

flamesparrow · 08/03/2005 23:25

I have someone to say "shall we call the doctor" to... his response "If you think so"!!!!

stupidgirl · 08/03/2005 23:35

I agree with the village idiot. There are advantages and disadvantages with both situations. And you get on with it and cope because it is the way it is. That's not to say it isn't nice to hear positive comments once in a while though (as opposed to the demonisation single mums get in the press).

weesaidie · 14/03/2005 10:14

What I hate is the way some people portray single parenthood as some kind of momentous struggle. It can be hard but it is also great fun!

I am very lucky, I have a supportive ex (who despite dumping me while pregnant is now a v loving father) and very helpful family and friends so I am able to get out and have some time away from dd...


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nightowl · 15/03/2005 01:01

do you mean the single parents themselves weesadie? or other people's perceptions? (i mean do single parents who complain annoy you?, or other people who assume we struggle annoy you?)ah, that looks arsy, no arsy-ness intended just have my stupid head on tonight, asking out of curiousity!

it can be a struggle for people with no support. i have more support than some (though not as much as you) and i still struggle so can only imagine what its like for people with no ex p around, nor friends or family!

but you're right that as in any parent/child relationship in can be a lot of fun!

weesaidie · 15/03/2005 18:29

No I don't mean single parents annoy me, just society's perception of them.

I do find it hard at times, I am planning on going back to Uni in October and god knows how I'm going to afford to put dd into nursery part-time! Also none of my friends have kids so I do feel quite alone sometimes... but other times it is nice to be different...

I complain plenty but I figure life is hard for most people in different ways so I try to look on the bright side. Mostly

Sorry if I sounded like I was having a go anyway!

nightowl · 15/03/2005 22:44

noooo i didnt think you were having a go at all just wondered which way round you were thinking! theres all kinds of things some people assume about single parents that annoy me!

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