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Where do I find a good family law solicitor? bit of a rant-sorry

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StealthMouse · 23/02/2005 19:45

I know I'm writing this still furious and I should wait until I've calmed down


Basically his parents implied tonight that because I can afford to put dd in nursery while I work that I shouldn't be so concerned about him contributing financially towards her (or not as the case maybe)

Also that she had a right to see her gd is being baught up properly. Implying that I needed checking up on. When I asked if that is what she was implyng she just shrugged her shoulders.

I've had enough of him lording the threat of court over me and I've had enough of them thinking that becausse they go to church weekly that they are better than me in someone and can say what they like.

He thinks his access is inadequite (6hours a week) well I flippin well think his financial contribution is inadequite (bout £200 in 2.8 years) and don't anyone mention the useless CSA. I have already written to my MP months ago and still got nowhere

Fck him and fck them. If they take me to court it'll be over once and for all instead of him threatening me with it all the time.

How can I find out whether or not I'm entitled to legal aid? Last time I saw a solicitor they old me I wouldn't be entitled but I don't believe that as I'm skint.

Doubt I'll get to log on again before tomorrow morning but any input greatly appreciated - as always. gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Freckle · 23/02/2005 19:57

You'll probably only get full legal aid if you are on benefits. If you are on a low wage, you may get legal aid, but will probably have to make a contribution.

What court action are they threatening you with? You can find a family solicitor by going to the Law Society website and searching there.

StealthMouse · 24/02/2005 10:00

Thanks Freckle. I'll have a look on the Law Society web page - I thought there must be something like that around somewhere. I guess from what you say I'm no entitled to legal aid but all of my money goes on living expenses.

I don't know what action they can take against me. Which is why this is so stupid; the only thing I can think is that he will apply for Parental Responsibility which I will dispute. But they're always waving this threat of court at me whenever he's got the @rse about something so let them try.

I've told him he can't see dd til he get's in sorted through court now as I've had enough. Which has made me even more mad because it suited me for him to have her on a Sunday morning. Gives me and my partner a chance to spend sometime together and meant I could have a lazy morning one day a week.

I really didn't want to stop his access bbut you get to a point where there's nothing left to do! I woke up angry about it all this morning too.

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DillyDally · 24/02/2005 10:35

It sounds a bit like my ex who is always threatening me with the courts which according to him will give him exactly what he wants
I got bored of this and am off to see a solicitor soon to take the wind out of his sails and calling his bluff

I cant stand the uncertainty any more, it can be soul destroying.
May post back after meeting with solicitor next week.

StealthMouse · 24/02/2005 10:59

Yes do DillyDally.

It sounds like a very similar situation and I've just to the point where I'm thinking 'Well go on then' and once it's over what have you got threaten me with then hmmmm?!?!?

Besides I don't think that 6 hours a week access to his dd is unreasonable. It's consistant and until yesterday his parents were having her one day a week whilst I worked so in total dd was spending roughly 16 hrs per week (all daytime) with her paternal family.

I see my dd (awake) for roughly 26hrs per week bearing in mind I perhaps only see her awake for 2 hrs each day during the week - first thing in morning and last thing at night when she's tired and grumpy.

He want's to see her overnight at the weekends - he won't even tell me where he lives, he is irresonsible and unreasonable AND it means I will have hardly any 'quality' time with dd. I'll go to prison first!

Must calm down and take a deep breath

OP posts:
DillyDally · 24/02/2005 11:03

I hate the way people assume that because they live with you that you get to see them all the time
I have to work too (it really is not a choice for me) and I don't get to see her half as much as I want too. I wish they would calculate access on quality time not total hours of the week.

Fancy wearing a wonderwoman costume and leaping on Prince Phillip with me

anorak · 24/02/2005 11:06

Parental responsibility doesn't amount to much you know. It just gives him the right to have a say in which schools you choose, and anything major like that. You still have the final say.

Courts won't link an application for contact with any payments he may or may not make. That's all decided separately.

I wouldn't go to court myself. If you do nothing then you are the boss. To change that they have to take you to court. They may not ever bother. But if they do then they will have to pay the main costs because they are the ones who have applied. The other thing that determines the costs will be the validity of the use of the court's time. In other words if you can be seen to have been completely reasonable outside of court they will make him pay costs because he could have organised things with you outside court and didn't and has therefore wasted the court's time.

I have a good solicitor in NW London if that is any help.

StealthMouse · 24/02/2005 11:26

DillyDally - can I be She-Ra?

I understand what you are saying Anorak and I know that payments are linked to access.

I am wondering what you do when the CSA fails you?!?!

When/if I receive a letter from his solicitor then I will make a case against him. I feel then I must have no choice. I am not going to iniate legal proceedings purely because I don't have the money

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