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Can I just say...

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squigglywig · 11/09/2008 16:58

that my ex is a total and utter cunt. There are plenty of plausible excuses for his behaviour but even if you try to be as liberal and understanding as conceivably possible he still takes the piss in a most phenomenal fashion. He is a pathetic, selfish, narcissistic, abusive waste of matter.

So, because I don't say it to him, and won't ever say it to DD and am not allowed to go into any details I just need to say here HE IS A BASTARD.

There. Feeling much better now.

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mankymummy · 11/09/2008 17:01

Don't know the details but I do sympathise... I also wonder if we have the same ex !!!!!

citronella · 11/09/2008 17:11

Here . Glad you feel better that's what MN is for

squigglywig · 11/09/2008 17:17

Much better. Thanks.

mankymummy - I hope for your sake that you don't have the same ex! Not that whoever yours is sounds much better!

We are an hour ahead. Can I have wine yet??

OP posts:
citronella · 11/09/2008 17:23

In that case help yourself

squigglywig · 11/09/2008 17:41

Thank you very much!

DD just gone to bed so I'm going to try and wind down this evening and not let the stupid fucker get to me.

Am very tempted to go and make choc. biscuits to have for tea

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