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So why is it im sitting here sobbing my heart out.........?

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ShyBaby · 02/09/2008 20:08

and I have no idea why.

Ds started secondary school today.

Dd starts primary school tomorrow.

I cried more over dd because I remember bringing her home on my own and thinking what the hell do I do now? My little baby is going to "primy" school tomorrow. Pathetic!

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kormachameleon · 02/09/2008 20:09

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

allgonebellyup · 02/09/2008 20:52

i am close to crying now over ds starting on thur

think its normal

allgonebellyup · 02/09/2008 20:53


allgonebellyup · 02/09/2008 20:53

korma, how do you do those fancy Bs?

ShyBaby · 02/09/2008 21:42

I was wondering that too! Good news is, ive stopped sobbing for a while.

The idiot that I am!

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tortoise · 02/09/2008 21:48

My oldest starts secondry school Thursday and my youngest starts primary the same day.
Lost count of the amount of people asking what i will do now i will have no kids at home! I am really going to miss having her home with me.

But hopefully i will finally have time to tidy the house and do some re-painting!

ShyBaby · 02/09/2008 22:07

Oh I cant miss having either of them home because im at work all day anyway....but its very strange!

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