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Appeal to get everyone to contact their MP

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LonelySingleMummy · 26/08/2008 22:34

Appeal to get everyone to contact their MP about lone working parents and their rights and lack of help.

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I am writing to you, as my MP, to appeal for your support in demanding more support for working parents and in particular for lone parents who have to work to support their family.

Being a lone parent is difficult but the rewards far far outweigh the stress and pressure experienced. Most receive SMP when on maternity leave, and have to wait many months before child benefit and tax credits are finally awarded. They therefore live on less than £120 pw. This is impossible for a grown adult with bills and a mortgage let alone a pregnant woman then new mother.

Once SMP stops they would receive just Income Support or JSA, and all tax credits would stop. This leaves hardly anything to live on each week!

None of this, in my opinion, is good enough. I agree that there are far too many people who do work the system and who could work but don't, but I am neither. Mothers do not have the opportunity to be full time mothers if they wanted to, and either way cannot make ends meet.

Please do consider your own circumstances in this kind of situation. We exist with just the basics, with no little luxuries many take for granted and no social time to over ride the stress and strain. These are sacrifices we have accepted but this does not mean it is right. We have cried with despair at our circumstances, at the fact that our children have second hand toys and clothes, yet lone parents are firmly accused of being a blight on the British economy.

Thanking you in advance for reading my email.

(Your name and address)

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