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what do I do about abusive ex-partner?

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ezmi · 13/08/2008 17:05

Hi, just want to get a little advice on xp, i move into a rfuge because of him when I was 5 months prenant, he is not named on dd's birth certificate but wants to be in her life, I have allowed him to have contact with dd over to months until recently he started abusing me again, I now don't know what to do in relation to visits and contact. social services are now involved but didnt suggest a plan just said if i have contact dd might be taken.

OP posts:
TheProvincialLady · 13/08/2008 17:19

Well there's your answer surely. If social services are that worried about your DD safety then you are probably BOTH at serious risk. Ask yourself why you would want this person in your life or your DD's life - what possible good can it do either of you?

TheProvincialLady · 13/08/2008 17:20

I didn't mean to sound harsh by the way, you have obviously had a rough time and I hope you get away from this man.

MUMBLEB · 28/08/2008 23:50

hi there i fully understand how and why your feeling as you do right now. It is a very complicated situation this contact thing.
you say he has contiued to abuse you this has to be your main concern right now. it seems you want contact to take place but you should only agree to this if you and dd are guarenteed to be safe. if you cant which by the sounds of it you cant then you are endangering yourself and dd. didnt you get any suport or advise when you went into the refuge.womens aid could give you some support nums to contact

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