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Rather angry - effectively lost the right to vote because of ex

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InaMalina · 12/08/2008 08:21

Maybe I'm being unreasonable...I need to write this down though and would appreciate some feedback.

I split with my ex about 18 months ago, while I was expecting our child.
He was abusive and since then we have avoided having much to do with him - he hasn't seen his child, that was his decision - I don't know why.

I've not named him to the CSA, for fear of him harrassing us. So he pays nothing either.

I've moved house (not far, same town) since then and would rather he didn't know where we are, just for my own sense of freedom more than anything. I am not sure if he would bother trying to find us.

I rang the council this morning to ask whether I can be on the electoral roll yet not listed for the public to see (as you can inspect it at the council offices)

She said no, basically I have to have an injunction before they will consider not publishing my name.

So because of this man I don't dare put my name on it.

This seems really wrong to me - I always, always vote in elections and I thought they wanted people to. It isn't right surely to disenfranchise women with abusive ex partners...unless perhaps our judgment is seen as so suspect that our vote might be unhelpful!

(Perhaps true in my case!)

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InaMalina · 12/08/2008 08:43


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LadyMuck · 12/08/2008 08:48

If you think that he is likely to try and track you down by going round every council office in the country then I would personally get the injunction. From a practical aspect not being on the electoral roll will affect your credit rating and it is often one of the first identity checks done, eg when you apply for primary school the LEA will check your details against the roll.

unclefluffy · 12/08/2008 08:50

Could you escalate your complaint? You probably spoke to someone who is not very senior. Call your council and ask for the Returning Officer. (Better yet, find the name of the Returning Officer first and then call.) The Returning Officer is the person responsible for elections - he/she may be able to be more flexible than a member of admin staff. Explain your situation - maybe there's a way of holding back your address, even if your name is publicly on the register. There are a number of "other electors" on the register who are listed by name only - e.g. military personnel serving overseas and people temporarily working abroad. Although I don't know about this, I suspect that senior prison officers etc. may also be able to hide their addresses. As I say, that's just a guess. Anyhoo. You could ask if an adjustment could be made for you.

And I agree - the right to vote is important. Sod whether 'they' want people to!!! You want and need to vote!

InaMalina · 12/08/2008 09:01

Thanks - I'm pretty shocked that it might affect my credit rating, that's just unfair

I think the woman knew what she was on about - we had a bit of a discussion - she said that I could put a false name (!) but that might be dodgy if my credit was being checked. So that doesn't really help.

It is listed by address, not alphabetically by name - so he could only find me that way if he had a tip off iyswim. I know how easy it is though, because I have used it in the past to find a family member - someone told me roughly where he was living, or where they had seen him, and I checked the nearby addresses and found him

I didn't use it to do anything but I knew where he was and that was important psychologically - in the same way it's important psychologically for me to know I am safe.

Might enquire further if I can get hold of the returning officer then - thanks for the tip

OP posts:
InaMalina · 12/08/2008 09:07

'There has been a recent change in law to allow anonymous registration on the electoral register. The system

is available to people where, if their name and address was listed on the electoral register, they believe their safety would be at risk. It is also for others in the same household as those at risk.
suitable for people escaping from domestic violence.
or people where their occupation would mean they must keep their identity private.
The system commenced on the 1 June 2007.

Anonymous Registration Application Form
If you fulfil the criteria you should complete an anonymous registration form and must have evidence to support your application. The evidence below are the only forms of evidence that will be accepted.

a court order or injuction which is for the protection of you or someone in your household. The document should be in force on the day you make your application.
a copy of a court order or an attestation and proof of your address (eg a photocard driving licence) that you live in the same household as the subject of that attestation.
your application is supported by a qualified person. A qualifying officer is:
the Chief Officer of Police of any police force in England and Wales

the Chief Constable of any police force in Scotland or the Police Service of Northern Ireland

Director General of the Security Services or the Serious Organised Crime Agency

a Director of Adult Social Services or Children's Services in England, a Director of Social Services in Wales or a Chief Social Work Officer in Scotland.

The qualifying officer does not have to be based in the same area as the applicant, but the attestation cannot be delegated to a more junior person within the organisation.

The anonymous registration application is valid for one year (from the date you are added to the electoral register as an anonymous elector). A renewal registration form will be sent to you by the Electoral Services Office, and maybe renewed for another 12 month period. Renewals must contain the same level of evidence as the original application.'

Looks like she was right - even this is a new departure. Talk about making it hard - same level of evidence required every single year to renew the anonymity.

I don't really want to get to the point of injunctions tbh - it would be very hard to prove any abuse as it was all psychological, although I have a back up letter from the womens refuge (not that I stayed there, but I had counselling from them) which was enough for the CSA but evidently not enough for these people.

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