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32 this mth and one child and still living with my mum does this make me a spinster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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starscream · 21/07/2008 19:49

please say this is ok

OP posts:
Rachmumoftwo · 21/07/2008 20:36

32 is really young! Honestly, 30 is the new 20, so you are really only 22. Look around you at others your age, they are doing what we were doing in their 20s.

40 is the new 30 too, btw.

Rachmumoftwo · 21/07/2008 20:37

*our 20s I mean.

nickytwotimes · 21/07/2008 20:38

Nowt wrong with that.

neva · 21/07/2008 21:44

sounds quite sensible to me as long as you get on with your mum and you are generally supportive of one another

littlewoman · 22/07/2008 09:54

no, there's nothing wrong with that. I was at home with my mum and two DC's for about two years at that age.

There is no shelf. You cannot be on it

greeneyedgirl · 24/07/2008 18:45

I am nearly 34, have one child and I'm living with my parents because I cannot afford a place of my own. Getting a divorce and will get nothing from that so I have no choice. My parents and my DD love each other to bits, so it's not so bad. I just try to make the best of it until I can get things sorted.

ElenorRigby · 24/07/2008 19:47

Wikipedia says...
"Legally, a spinster (or old maid) is a woman or girl of marriageable age who has been unwilling or unable to marry, and therefore has no children."
You have child so you cant be a spinster

thornrose · 24/07/2008 19:56

Well, this is a secret I've not yet shared with ANYONE so sshh! I a bit older than you and I might live with my mum for a while soon.
She's single, I'm a single parent and she's a very, very, young mum. There are a few reasons, NONE of them desperation, so I think it's fab!

ElenorRigby · 24/07/2008 20:07

How young?

Snaf · 24/07/2008 20:11

I moved in with my mum and dad when xh and I split. I was 31 at the time. I left 4 months ago - I'm 35 now

Although... I had lived away for 13 years before that!

fedupandisolated · 24/07/2008 20:13

I am 42 and am living with my Mum and Dad.

Tippychick · 24/07/2008 22:45

Am 29 with one baby and moved back in with Mum and Stepdad. I moved out at 16 so it's been a while - it's taking some getting used to.
Can't say I'm delighted but I can't afford to rent (mad holiday area prices) and the council list us as low priority so whaddya do?
On the plus side - you're not a spinster, you can save some cash and have babysitting for free.
On the minus - for me anyway it's not my family home (divorce) so it's difficult. I have a messy toddler and 2 dogs and we're crammed into a 2 bedder bunglalow with my parents. Who are very patient but often I can't clean up toys/dog mess/laundry/whatever as soon as it happens so I feel as if I'm always apologising and can't ever relax - like I should be working for my keep more.

I'm guessing it might be different for you though, have you always lived at home? That's not so unusual now, I've been livin g in Ireland for years and it's the norm there - you live at home until you can afford to buy in a lot of cases. When I think of some of the scabby places I've paid a fortune to rent, you've prolly got it right

kdk · 25/07/2008 10:43

Can beat you all!

I'm 44 (where did I put that missing decade) and have lived with my parents since me ex and I split three and a half years ago

I was planning on moving out with my twins this year but as I'm starting college seems silly and too expensive to run two homes and miss out on help with the kids!

starscream · 25/07/2008 21:59

thank u all i FEEL so much better x x x x x

OP posts:
mamalovesmojitos · 25/07/2008 23:52

thornrose - i've seen you on a couple of threads saying your mum is very, very young.

what age is she?? [nosy emoticon].

thornrose · 26/07/2008 00:00

Oh no, not especially young, it was a joke because I recommended a product she used to Wigparty and didn't want to offend by saying my mum used it!! I am 41 and she is 60 but she looks about 50, not in a mutton dressed as lamb way, she is REALLY high maintenance and has the skin of a much much younger woman. Today we all went out together and my dd said "you and nana are like sisters" GGRRRR!

Califrau · 26/07/2008 00:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mamalovesmojitos · 26/07/2008 00:11

it is a bit annoying when your mum looks so fab. my mum is only seventeen years older than me and has a way better figure and way better skin than me. argggh!

Purplepillow · 26/07/2008 00:13

I was 34 when I had my dd and didn't move out of home until my dd was 9mths and that was more beacuse my dm needed a bungalow and housing partnership couldn't give us one to fit the three of us.

With hind sight we wish we had never moved though, so if you are all happy.. stay put and stay happy!

thornrose · 26/07/2008 00:16

Oh I know, I'll tell you a really horrid, shameful story (because I've had a drink!!)
My mum is slimmer than me and as I said, high maintenance, very "well turned out". I met her for lunch once, I felt particularly frumpy and unattractive that day. The waitress had already being chatting to mum, when I arrived she looked at me aghast and said "you need to start looking after yourself if you want to take after your mum"! My mum had to physically restrain me, I wanted to kill the cow, she was bloody right though!

mamalovesmojitos · 26/07/2008 00:50

oh my god! i bet people think that about me all the time. they wouldn't dare say it though. i would flip.

confuzed · 01/08/2008 12:04

I have just split up with my OH at aged 33 and will have to move back in with my parents and my ds. I know it will be hard adapting, even though they will welcome us. It's hard for me not to feel like I've 'failed' as I'm returning home again. Am trying not to see it like that but to see it as a positive change away from a negative relationship. I'm terrified at the eventual prospect of living on my own though but I'm sure I'll be ready for it when the time comes. I think when you find yourself alone it's when your real strength comes.

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