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PurpleOne · 23/06/2008 20:21

It transpires that I now have a date on Wednesday.

I haven't got a clue what to do - as my last date was absolutely years ago.

Can dye my hair tomorrow, but haven't got anything half decent to wear. (owing to a bit of a drink problem, I piled on the pounds)
We are meeting in the daytime for safety reasons. He does not have any of my phone numbers although I have his. He doesn't even have my proper email address which is good.

Am in a mad panic now, feeling a bit paranoid about my beer belly too.

Any hints or tips that you lovely ladies care to share?

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davidtennantsmistress · 23/06/2008 21:39

OMG! he wouldn't!

althou I have known of a woman (yes 1 single woman) who was seeing 2 soldiers she met form POF on the same day - what she didn't know thou was they were mates who lived in the same flat on camp! hehehe!!!

chocolatespiders · 23/06/2008 21:39

i feel sick
so you have a pic?

does he have kids?

where does he live

PurpleOne · 23/06/2008 21:40

yes i have a pic.

he has a ds. 5 years old. Divorced and lives in Romford area.


OP posts:
chocolatespiders · 23/06/2008 21:42

no maybe no then

could check email address?

he lives in bicester, in army,

has daughter age 15

cant be the same one surely

would have been awful if it was though

and was quite looking foward to saying to him enjoy your date tomorrow!!!!!

do you know surname?

chocolatespiders · 23/06/2008 21:42

no maybe no then

could check email address?

he lives in bicester, in army,

has daughter age 15

cant be the same one surely

would have been awful if it was though

and was quite looking foward to saying to him enjoy your date tomorrow!!!!!

do you know surname?

Yorkiegirl · 23/06/2008 21:44

Message withdrawn

PurpleOne · 23/06/2008 21:47

yes i know his surname and i have his phone number. it is a romford dialling code.

Phew, you had me worried there then spiders!

OP posts:
chocolatespiders · 23/06/2008 21:48

ha ha
you had me very worried.......

same name same height.......

ok so have a good time.....

PurpleOne · 23/06/2008 22:11

was about to pounce on him on msn and give him a peice of my mind.

seriously whats the coincidence in that?

The joy of mumsnet

OP posts:
chocolatespiders · 23/06/2008 22:13

i am quite sur they are different
surely he would keep the same story for all the women otherwise it would get confusing

have you decided on outfit? i did laugh earlier when you said about your button pinging off in disgust!!!

PurpleOne · 23/06/2008 22:40

i have resorted to the fact that i may have to buy new jeans tomorrow

typically the button pinged off right in front of the dd's. oh, how they pissed themselves laughing

shoes and jacket isn't an issue, just jeans and a nice top.

Only meeting up for lunch and a coffee so don't want to overdo it.

OP posts:
fawkeoff · 23/06/2008 22:48

go to asda/tesco they have some really lovely stuff in at the minute...

i bought a white kaftan type top and a pair of nice cropped jeans for £18......really nice...would look dressy with a long necklace and a few bangles on the arm ....also the cropped jeans will look fab with a pair of killer heels

chocolatespiders · 24/06/2008 16:44

any update

PurpleOne · 24/06/2008 17:27

Hi spiders

I managed to get myself some dark blue bootcut jeans and a white top. Forked out for perfume and hair dye too! Going to wear cuban heel boots and a few bangles.

Hope he's worth it!

OP posts:
sillybillybee · 24/06/2008 19:31

Glad you got something sorted purple hope you have a great time.
I'm currently searching for something online to buy to wear for my date but am at a loss as to what even suits me

Flllight · 24/06/2008 19:36

Can you be in the army if you are 5ft 6?

chocolatespiders · 24/06/2008 21:12

cant answer that one afraid.....
I sent his birthday card to an army address...

Maybe he put his height wrong into POF?

I dont know and at the moment have no reason not to believe him....i am trying not to act on my past male influences!!!!

Last night was a close call though

when i showed my friend at work the thread i could see her going white as she read it!!!!

davidtennantsmistress · 24/06/2008 21:14

yes you can be FA - I was at 5'2. just meant I couldn't drive certain vehicals, one of XH's mates is only 5'4 - short arse!

hope it goes well for u all on your dates.

chocolatespiders · 24/06/2008 21:25

hope all your dates go well to > and you remember where you need to be at what time> and try not to mix there names up shame there not all called Frank would make it easier

davidtennantsmistress · 24/06/2008 21:28

er no, one's a tony, one's a andy ones mike and the other's my good friend alan (oh the shameless hussy lol) good job tony will only be a friend (have decided on that one) andy - the more we talk the less i'm liking him but will do coffee to confirm my thoughts, mike, well, hmm... yes! lol. and alan - well we've know each other 6 months or so, and it's a case of another time another place and it would be amazing. and has been pretty much from the start ah well! a girl can hope!

Flllight · 25/06/2008 06:44

I stand corrected DTM! Mind you not that I was convinced either way - just ex dp applied to become a fireman, he's 5ft9, he didn't make it. Too short apparently

I think he was lying, he was prob too scared actually.

davidtennantsmistress · 25/06/2008 09:06

all mine are bloody cancelled now - DAMN XH!!! not a happy bunny - will try to arrange for one still thou!

chocolatespiders · 25/06/2008 19:54

purple one- how did it go.....

why are all yours cancelled DTM.....

davidtennantsmistress · 25/06/2008 20:07

no sitter for DS. will hopefully do it for next week. have still got one assuming mum can have DS for an hour on sunday avo.

yeah come on purple one how did u go?

PurpleOne · 25/06/2008 22:43

All went really well.

For a date that was totally unplanned, except breakfast.

Cinema was closed, so was bowling alley. So wandered around aimlessly for a while, then found a park and sat in there. No bloody way am I ice skating lol. So we laid on the grass and soaked up the rays for a while and just talked.

He's called me already tonight and wants to meet again next week.

Talk about keen

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