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fawkeoff · 19/06/2008 22:47

I am just feeling super shitty today....
EX has ripped me to shreds tonight and icant take anymore from him......he is sorry for his behaviour and what he has said........but it just doesn't cut it anymore.
He has opened my eyes to qhat he truly thinks about me as a person....and i am shocked.....
i cant be the friendly person that i have been trying to be because he is draining it all away. He is ashamed for his behaviour tonight but it is too little too late
i am going to make arrangementd for him to pick the DC up from my dads because i just cant face him right now.
I want him to be ashamed because i would not speak to a person i loathe the way he has spoken to me tonight

how can someone you thought you knew change so much in such a short period of time??????

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fawkeoff · 19/06/2008 22:51

in fact right now i honestly cant see a way forward for us at all....i just cannot believe i spent nearly 8 years of my life with him, had his 2 children and he speaks to me like that......he is a bastard

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mammya · 19/06/2008 22:56

Oh poor you, sorry you are having such a shitty time. How long has it been since you separated? Hopefully things will settle a bit and become easier with time.

Tortington · 19/06/2008 22:57

for you

for you again

{\just for you}

Tortington · 19/06/2008 22:58

and agin

lottyloon · 19/06/2008 23:00

aw.. what did he say? i'm sure none of its true... why is he so angry?

its so sad isnt it? i often look at my DS and think my god he's so beautiful, please, please please dont let him turn out like his father...

has he changed in a short time or is he just showing what he's really like?

fawkeoff · 19/06/2008 23:05

awwwww thanx just know how to cheer me up lol

OP posts:
fawkeoff · 19/06/2008 23:08

He has accused me of getting a girl to go on facebook and write on some girls wall that he has the clap!!!!!! I mean for fucks not a child playing shitty little games here.....he said some really horrid things to me tonight.....i asked this girl who she has wrote it about and it was about her EX who has the same name.....she feels super bad and he sent her horrible messages...
He has completely lost it for thinking i would be so fucking childish to do something like that.
I have done nothing but try and be nice to him and told my family to not hate him......but the abuse he has given me has tipped me right over the edge tonight

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lottyloon · 19/06/2008 23:15

sounds like he's over the edge not just with you.

if you were the one who wanted to split up he's probably just trying to make a "connection" somehow with you, even if its through an argument.

try and rise above it if you can... its so upsetting though i know. espec. if you think you cannot carry on having amicable relationship infront of your DS's.

has he done this before?

lottyloon · 19/06/2008 23:16

DC's sorry.

fawkeoff · 20/06/2008 09:12

He initially wanted the split....we are not in love with each other anymore.....i have told him i dont care what he does with his personal or social life as long as the children aren't affected. I dont think he realises what he has done, he will expect me to be all hunky dory with him and act as if nothing has happened.....but i am not prepared to sweep this under the carpet.
I am not some teenager, why would i get someone to write that he has an STD???
I dont deserve the abuse, and i cant actually believe that he thinks so low of me as a person.......well the feeling is now mutual

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Tinkerbel6 · 20/06/2008 09:56

he has shown his true colours now so fawk don't have anything to do with him, I don't think it was acceptable to have done that to you and he should have known you better, there wouldn't be any going back for me either if someone hade done that to me, there is no reason now for you to talk to him except if it relates to the children, keep it minimal contact and straight to the point, chin up x

fawkeoff · 20/06/2008 11:32

thanks tink ....i dont even know why i have let it affect me so much...just told my mum ( she has just got back from greece)...she is livid and wants to get him done over ......she would as well, not even going down that road....i am much better than that.
I have now found out that his sister was the one who informed him about the facebook thing!!!!!!! the sister who was all bezzy mates with me last she can fuck off as well.....i am just so sick of trying to keep my head above the water...just for people to try and drown me.
I have carried on with my exams and am being the best mum i can be for my kids.....i have said nothing bad about him and this is how i am treated!!!!! well im not having it anymore....they can all just fuck off because im done with it

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gillybean2 · 20/06/2008 11:45

Well if you thought he was saying such things about you you'd probably be pretty mad too. Ok so you didn't actually say them, but he didn't know that at the time.

Misunderstandings can do that.

Hopefully it will all settle down now, he will see he was an idiot about this and you can both move on for the sake of the children.

Hope you're feeling a little better today.


fawkeoff · 20/06/2008 11:59

i can understand that i wouldn't be best pleased if i thought that he was saying things about me........but i would not have spoken to him in such a vile manner....that i am sure of. He has no reason whatsoever to think that i would ever bad mouth him to anyone, so i do think that he is out of order....i dont think his actions are justifiable one bit

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littlewoman · 20/06/2008 13:46

I always admired how well you coped with your split. You seemed very gracious and adult about it all, so it's a shame you've been treated like this. You didn't deserve it. Surely he must know you better than that?

fawkeoff · 20/06/2008 14:44

i thought so just makes it so much clearer that it was the right thing to split up....because he feels like a stranger to me now.....i am just sad and hurt, and he will not understand that one bit

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