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glerpi · 25/05/2008 18:14


I am a 27 year old mum to 2 boys aged 4 and nearly 2. My husband left us when I was 3 months pg with no.2. He has recently shown up with the divorce paperwork which I'm finding quite tough!

We had to move house as part of the deal and I am now feeling pretty isolated. I lost most of my friends in the split and am the other end of the country to my family.

I have pretty much reached the stage of wondering if I am going mad so I am hoping to find a bit of sanity and support here!

On that note is there anyone else here who has made all their access/financial arrangements by personal agreement without outside help? Did you get anyone to check it for you? Has it worked ok?

Thanks in advance!

OP posts:
bubblagirl · 25/05/2008 18:18

hi im not a lone parent but partner works away alot so might as well be lol

just wanted to say welcome to mumsnet

sorry your going through tough time have no help to give but lots of nice people on here that can help but welcome anyway

PuppyDogTails · 25/05/2008 18:19


I have no words of wisdom I'm afraid, just wanted to say welcome to a new face . Saying that, my DP and his ex have made private arrangements wrt access and financial support and they have never disagreed over that. Other things yes!

I'm sure you'll find a lot of support on here

electra · 25/05/2008 18:20

Hi glerpi. I'm sorry you're having a hard time. I am in a similar position you have a lawyer to check it for you? For me it does feel strange but really my marriage was over by the summer last year...

I hope you're ok but you are by no means alone

ambercat · 25/05/2008 18:24

Hi glerpi, i have just split with h so understand your turmoil. Can't really advise atm as am just starting out alone but wanted to say hello.

littlewoman · 25/05/2008 21:31

Hello glerpi, anytime you want some friendship or support, we're here. Split with mine four years ago so I really feel for you. It is a horrible horrible time (((hug)))

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