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just fond out he has someone else after all fuming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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taken4granted · 07/05/2008 17:08

My ex arsewipe partner celebrated leaving me and 7r old dd by booking tickets to Paris on the day he walked out then went at the weekend when he told dd he was at a friends. Ive tried being reasonable with him and hes been lyingleft right and centre I cant belive Ive been such as stupid idiot after 13 yrs with him he knocked me back for affection for so long and then he goes and spends more on a weekend with someone than he ever did on a family holiday I definately need to rant as I so want to go round to his place and smash his precious bloody porsche to smitherines then after that Id start on him. How do I grit my teeth and carry on like hes the best daddy in the world to my dd when he is and always has been a lying low life shit? Sorry everyone Im absolutely livid Im sure Ill calm down in a few days!

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Tinkerbel6 · 08/05/2008 10:30

sell the concert tickets and treat your daughter and then buy yourself a new outfit and hit the town

taken4granted · 08/05/2008 12:42

you must be the other woman you definately knows what he looks like for sure will be selling the tickets on e bay when hes off to doha to see his mum with his new woman - ( he wouldnt fly for that long when he was with us as he has a ear problem as well. Akso remembered the w/e in Paris was the weekend he told his daughter he was in scotland watching the rugby and the reason he didnt ring her was that he was with the boys drunk lyibg git.

OP posts:
littlewoman · 09/05/2008 00:09

I'm in Farnborough, and I have well-hard teenagers if you need us!! (That's my pikey side sneaking out. Farnborough isn't terribly posh, you know!)

On the serious side, I'm sorry for your pain. I really hope you can ride the storm, it is very hard to bear.

littlewoman · 09/05/2008 00:11

PMSL at supergluing him to the top of the Eiffel Tower!!

Tortington · 09/05/2008 00:18

make him pay dot net

madamez · 09/05/2008 00:53

Also, if you want some extra cash and don't mind the fact that it's a bit embarassing for you as well (they will want photos of you but you can keep your DCs pictures out of it) you could contact one of the mags like Take A Break which has a regular Britain's Got Love Rats feature on badly-behaved men. They will want your real name and his, and they will contact him to ask him for his comments (this is a legal obligation) but the tone of these articles is always sympathetic to the women rather than the men, and the average payment is about £300.

littlewoman · 09/05/2008 01:23

Madamez, I know it's not terribly PC on here not to feel sorry for men at the moment, but I am sniggering so hard about this magazine idea. If more people find out about this service, Take a Break will have to become a daily, rather than a weekly.

madamez · 09/05/2008 01:46

Hey, it's not sexist. They do run a fair few features on My Ex Wife the Slapper as well (quite often with comments about how badly she dressed and how she wouldn;t cook or clean...). But to stand a chance of getting in, you'll need to get some photos of yourself looking reaaaaaaallly rough...

littlewoman · 09/05/2008 12:44

Ah, well maybe not then. He might have a few home truths to tell about me that I didn't want to hear. The rough photos wouldn't be a problem though

taken4granted · 09/05/2008 19:19

Ooh maybe I will what a fab idea take a break here we come! - was thinking about the superglue in the lock to his car! - also thought of a great fathers day pressie ...... my dog often leaves a "present" on the lawn - as he no longer sees the dog he might be missing him so I could leave him a special present from the dog through the letterbox couldnt I? and when he opens the door to his flat and walks in .....( might be a bit obvious its me who did it though) - anyone else got anymore ideas... I have his new address - now the first name of the whore whom hes sleeping with - incidentally actually has known him for yrs and so knows about me and dd the tart! - I aslo have his bank details but unfortunately not his card details... all welcomed - got the tickets sold already my boss at work will have them face value - sorted!

OP posts:
taken4granted · 09/05/2008 19:20

Little woman I could fwd you his address and maybe your boys might know someone who fancies taking a porsche for a spin! and then giving it a good old prang

OP posts:
charlotte121 · 09/05/2008 21:53

key his car... key his precious effing car... he'll never know it was u!!!! The idea of a nice young bloke is a good one... that will really get to him. sorry but im a bit pathetic in these situations.

charlotte121 · 09/05/2008 22:00

I had a friend who posted a load of grasshopper locuss things through her ex's door. they jump everywhere. he will b trying to get rid of the for months. You can get them from snake pet shop places. Or u can put his personal details in phone boxes... you know as a dirty hot line. that quite funny. he'll get some dodgy calls then.
or you could say put an advert for something in ur local news paper really cheep and he'll be bombarded with calls. do stuff to wind him up but make sure you dont get caught otherwise he might use it against u. x

VaginaShmergina · 10/05/2008 20:00

Its a shame that most take aways etc have caller display these days coz I would be sending him a different meal every night of the week so he can keep his paunch going.

Would love to meet at the park BTW. I am more often than not free either Saturday or Sunday so you have a look at your calendar and let me know x Come on all you other local girls we could all meet up and hatch a plan

taken4granted · 11/05/2008 21:33

Im free enxt sat - as as he is now nown as Biological father - (hes never really been a daddy is seeing her so could happily do with some company or alternatively on sunday with my dd. Thought about the takeaway thing but as you say they all have caller display and want your card details ( could never have a takeaway as he was on a special no salt diet with him)
I like the locust idea - hes actually taking sarah the slapper away I think to meet his mummy on quatar later this month - what a fab time to do it - he'll come back to a mini jungle was also thinking of dropping in a few fillets of fish through the door as well what a nice smell to come home to and maybe some maggots as well! keep the ideas coming ... superglue in his key to the car is a good one If I keyed his car the temptation would be to actually scrawl wanker all over it or maybe FOR SALE FREE TO GOOD HOME he might get its me then! am busy collecting magazine freebie subscriptions as well so he can be bombarded with crap - does anyone know of any gay stuff and wig companies I can give his details to? oh yes and hearing aids ( he does actually have one as well!) anyway keep em coming and lets hope the weather holds out for next w/e if anyone is free for a meet up Im up for it

OP posts:
macdoodle · 11/05/2008 21:42

Well after 2 years I have stopped making excuses to DD1 about where her dad is - when she asks why he can't spend time with her I just shrug and say I think he is in the pub - stuff him I have covered for him enough if he wants to ruin his relationship with his wonderful DD1 then I cannot stop him anymore

purpleflower · 11/05/2008 21:47

Could you put his car up for sale in autotrader, free ads etc. If you put a really low price and his phone number hs phone won't stop ringing. I'm not sure what details you would have to leave though.

VaginaShmergina · 11/05/2008 22:11

Stannah stair lift, Incontinence pants, laxatives, erectile dysfunction gadgets,

Am free next Sunday and would have my two with me also, they could play and we could plot and scheme !!!

Katiekins83 · 12/05/2008 10:36

Hi! i was just reading your thread and would have sworn down that it was my mum writing it! my dad left when i was 7 and my youngest brother was 2.5, he had moved us house by 60 miles to the middle of the countryside, my mum had to quit her job so that he could be nearer his! then one day we came home from scholl and my little brother found a note and insisted in reading it! we didnt hear anything for 2 weeks then a phone call out of the blue to inform my mum that he would be taking us at the weekend...he never turned up. my mum made excuses for him for so long. my advice dont do it, tell your daughter exactly whwere he is she will understand. at the end of the day what goes around really does come around and things will work out well for you. court gave my mum all the house and all the furniture and a big up yours to my dad along with the baristers fees!
So yes at the moment you may want to cry constantly, and string him up by his balls, but just get on with life, as by the sounds of things he wasnt that much use when he was there anyway! cry inside your own home and dont be afraid to let your daughter know what is going on. my mum did, and beleive me my dad could not play us the way he played my mum for years! happy ending in my mums case, she found a lovely man...12 years younger about 4 years later!

UnquietDad · 12/05/2008 10:38

He doesn't sound a top bloke, so aren't you glad to be rid of him? "Revenge" strategies are just childish and make you look the fool.

And he is, after all, your EX, and a grown up, so he is allowed to see other people if he wants to. That is kind of the point of being an ex. Sorry.

TwoIfBySea · 12/05/2008 12:35

taken4, is there a reason you would want to tell your dd that he is the "best daddy"? I have dts age 6 and despite my policy of not speaking about their father in front of them they have realised that they are not and never have been priority to him.

His bidey-in is due in August/September so hopefully she will stop pawing at them once she has what she wants. (Timeline - he leaves us, moves in with her one month later stating at the time she can't have children - yeah right, four months later she is pregnant.)

I do not badmouth him in front of dts but at the same time I do not tell them he is a great dad when he obviously is not. I have learned in the past 10 months that children are more resiliant (sp?) than we give them credit for. Of course she will always love her daddy, but that doesn't mean she will always like him.

If that makes sense, sorry about typos etc. I have a broken pinkie, poor me! Oh and when you are all finished with him do you fancy a day out up in Fife to sort out my ex?

taken4granted · 12/05/2008 18:25

Unquiet dad - Im not saying he cant see her - Id like hiim to drop down dead tbh however I understand that he is a lying cheating arsewipe and he has moved on fine - he just doesnt get to play happy families with my daughter when he never did it all before he moved out. Youre right he is a low life scum and certainly not a top bloke. If I earned £150k a year like he does and didnt have to worry about the financial side of things like he doesnt Im sure Id be handling this a little better that being said Im not I find it very difficult to accept that despite his promises of maintenance etc etc he keeps threatening to withdraw it whenever he wants if I dont give in to his demands - NOT ONCE has he asked how she is doing whether or not she is sleeping in her own bed yet is she still having night terrors every time she speaks/sees him is she still knocking 7 bells out of the boys at school His only priority has and allways will be him - I just dont want to set my daughter up for a bloody big fall and Im left to pick up the pieces. VG Yep next sunday sounds great - e amil me and we can sort out the details etc hopefully the weather will stay reasonably nice - She sees what he is now known as her biological father ( he has never been a daddy to her so why should I call him that) next saturday so a fun day out on sunday would be just what we both need.(grin)

OP posts:
TwoIfBySea · 12/05/2008 18:31

Wow taken4, did you marry my exdh too? They sound identical!

No one loves them as much as they love themselves.

VaginaShmergina · 12/05/2008 18:47

UnquietDad, all the stuff about revenge is just a release for us women to vent our anger at the useless arses that darken our door.

Suppose you took it seriously............
MEN, they'll never get it !!

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