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How do you spend your time when kids go to saty with other parent

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Janna · 08/01/2005 17:03

It's the first time that my kids have spent the weekend with thier dad at his since we have been seperated. I didn't think I would feel this lonely without them even though its nice to have some peace. It's that strange I'm tempted t go and get them back plus I'm worried how they'll sleep at thier dads. I've pottered around this afternoon and cleaned this and that. Going to work in a bit for 4 hours but got to come home to a completely empty house
Is it normal to feel like this lol and what do you all do when your kids are away?

OP posts:
tammybear · 08/01/2005 17:07

I'm like that when dd stays at my mums and shes just around the corner (dd doesnt stay at exps at the moment). Usually I do cleaning, go out and maybe go shopping or go the cinema or something. I try to do things that I cant do when I have dd around. Maybe see if a friend would like to go out or come round.

jmg1 · 08/01/2005 17:16

I'm sure how you feel is normal and as long as their dad is good at looking after them it will probably do you good when you get used to it.

There is nowhere for my kids to go away to but if they are out at school/nursery the house feels empty but I have plenty to get on with.

northstar · 08/01/2005 17:27

Ds in with his dd and im ........on MN. How sad is that! Went to sales for a few hours this morning and it was lovely not to be worried about losing ds and I was able to try some things on (all hideous maternity crap). It's really difficult to concentrate on anything for too long though, I keep feeling like i've lost something or forgotten something important.

jmg1 · 08/01/2005 17:38

maybe I should rephrase that - I have millions of things to be getting on with but get dragged kickin and screaming by the ankles onto mn.

Janna · 08/01/2005 17:43

I hate being in the house on my own at night too. It's blowing a gale here It's different when the kids are there as normally I can hear ds snoring in the next room lol
oh well i've dug out a good book and some audiotapes to listen to when i get in
Jmg- your right it will do me good when I get used to it. I don't get a lot of time to myself.

ps sorry for double posting I dunno what happened there lol

OP posts:
karenanne · 08/01/2005 17:45

know how you feel janna...i always feel like ive lost an arm .lol.not that way at the mo tho due to a trust issue with ex

amylou · 08/01/2005 18:35

we separated nearly a year ago and I hated being on my own in the house whilst amy was at her dads. I tried to plan to meet up with a friend everytime for the day or else I would find myself getting very depressed and low.
After a while I did begin to enjoy the peace when Amy went but can't cope with more than two nights. I catch up on watching videos and dvds that I never get time to watch when amy is here and try and relax as much as possible so I'm fully alert for when she gets back so we can spend some nice time together.
A few other mothers have said this too - at first its awful and you feel so low when your in the house on your own but after a while you begin to enjoy the peace and get to do the things you cant do when children are at home.

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