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ex turned up last night at my flat totally schnozzled and.......

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charlotte121 · 24/03/2008 12:59

p*55ed all over my sodding sofa. Im so angry . my little son is better behaved than he is. Im just totally sick of his bahaviour. His response to weeing on my sofa was "sorry, i didnt do it on purpose" phoned my mum crying my eyes out as i dont have much money and all of my furniture has been given to me. She told me how to sort it out so i told him to get on with it... he gave me some cock and bull story about getting to barbie's house (the new woman) for a meal and that he was already running late and walked out with ds.
Today i was supposed to be spending the day getting on with my uni assignments whcih are due in on weds but instead I now have to go out and buy a load of cleaning materials and clean my sofa, whilst contending with my big fat wobbleing belly... yes i have 10 weeks left till im due to give birth to his child. so incredibly annoyed at this. Sorry had to have a rant otherwise i think my head would have exploded!!!

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mankymummy · 24/03/2008 13:01

what was he doing drunk and weeing on your sofa anyway? does he stil live with you?

phone him up and make him buy the cleaning stuff and clean it.

charlotte121 · 24/03/2008 13:13

he turned up and said he wanted to talk so i let him in. were not together, he has someone new, but at the same time i know what hes like when he's been drinking and i wasnt going to shut the door on him as he would have ended up causing a fight with someone on his walk home. I know he's not my problem any more but he is no use to my son in a coffin.... or in prison. he came in and i made him some food in an attempt to sober him up but he fell asleep so i just left him to sleep it off. It didnt even cross my mind that he might wet himself. dropped him home this morning only to come back to a really smelly flat and reality of what he had done. he popped back a bit later as he had forgotton something and i demanded that he clean it up but he just walked out. Just totally anoyed with him. He does stay over on occasions in my sons room as there is a spare bed but i dont want him in my flat anymore if that is the attiture he is going to take towards my belongings. Wish i had let him walk home now.

OP posts:
EzrasMummy · 24/03/2008 13:57

I'd make him buy me a new one. I really feel for you and am for you. id be truly livid

mamalovesmojitos · 24/03/2008 16:45

oh my god what an idiot . i've been in very similar situations with my xp, dds dad. dont ever let him in again drunk. i def dont mind xp staying in spare room occasionally if he's minding her etc but drunk is a bad idea. if he calls and you dont answer it is not at all your responsibility to worry what trouble he gets himself into. xp called to my house drunk after 2days drinking last wk and for the first time i ignored him. he got such a shock! he completely thinks my place is there if he wants to be close to us. yet we're broken up. bet your xp has similar ridiculous notions. good luck!

TheAntiFlounce · 24/03/2008 16:47

Er - you let him wander off, pissed, with your child?

FranSanDisco · 24/03/2008 16:56

He was so drunk he wee'd on the sofa and then was able to go off for a meal with his new woman plus your ds? Have I got that right?

minorityrules · 24/03/2008 17:01

I think he was pissed last night, not today

FranSanDisco · 24/03/2008 17:03

Oh thanks. Thought I'd got something confused. Hope Barbie's got wipe down seats.

TheAntiFlounce · 24/03/2008 17:15

I see.

Next tme, don't answer the door, take your ds upstairs and run a shower (take your mobile in case of twattishness) and your ds won't even hear the door go. What are you, a branch of the YMCA?

Tinkerbel6 · 25/03/2008 12:23

charlotte you aren't your ex's mother, dont let him use you as a stop gap whenever he's in the area and bevvied up, its not up to you to sober him up he's an adult, nect time send him packing and look after you and your children instead.

charlotte121 · 25/03/2008 20:45

no... he wasnt pissed when he took ds. it was the following day when he took ds and had sobered up. have decided that im only going to let him in to pick/drop off ds now. I just hate it when the whole situation gets bad because his family start threatening me. its just a load of stress i really dont need.
sofa's not all the nice and was given to me by a family member who was getting a new one but its still upsetting. had to spend the last of my money going to the laundrette washing the covers... the sofa pads are still wet now so i currently have to sit on the floor which is totally doing my back in.
Feel like a complete idiot for letting him in. its definately a mistake i wont be making again.

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