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The CSA is shut?!

6 replies

littlelamb · 17/03/2008 18:13

I have just tried to ring the CSA to check on the progress of my claim (is becoming quite a saga) but there is a message saying this service is not available today?! I called 0845 609 0072. I really need to get hold of them!

OP posts:
Crocky · 17/03/2008 22:02

They are on strike today and tomorrow.

goingbonkers · 17/03/2008 22:09

Ha ha ha!!! I don't believe they've ever done a days work!!!

littlelamb · 17/03/2008 22:45

On STRIKE?! FGS I am fed up with dealing with this useless organisation. I have been trying to get them to sort out my claim for six months now, and it's only because I rang them to chase it up that they realsied they had lost exps payslips. And now they are on strike?!

OP posts:
shelleylou · 18/03/2008 19:23

Its not just the csa claims departments across dwp are on strike from what i was told earlier. When i phoned social fund to find out about my pllication that i was told would have been sorted by now.

dylsmum1998 · 18/03/2008 21:12

6 months? lol good luck they have been looking for ds dad for 9 years and cant find him- i forget how many times i have given them his address and phone numbers- he hasnt moved once. and they still cant find him!

goingbonkers · 18/03/2008 23:12

Echo Dylsmum - although my case has only been going 3.5 yrs! Have had small amt of compensation tho as they received my application and then 'forgot' to do anything with it for 9 months - despite me ringing them every few weeks to chase it up!! They now can't claim those 9 months from DD's dad because they hadn't done their job properly! MP was involved too.

Every time I call, they can't figure out who the case worker is from the notes, or it's "with another department, and I don't know which and I can't put you through, but someone will be in touch soon".

It took 3 yrs for a friend of mine to get it sorted and her Ex was willing to co-operate, had a job and didn't move! Not very encouraging.

Sorry. Rant over!

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