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i think i may actually die of loneliness today...

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allgonebellyup · 08/03/2008 19:13

Really i do.
my dd is away with her dad.
My ds is away with his dad.(who i still want to get back with but he is having a baby with someone else.)

i have rung all 7 of my local mates and not one of them is around tonight for me to go out with/visit as they all have other plans or are away.


Have been so very depressed this week and finally woke up feeling happy today (am on ADs anyway), and it lasted til dd went away at lunchtime , and i now i just feel bleugh.

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ladytophamhatt · 08/03/2008 19:16

oh bellyup, do exp know how you feel?

fordfiesta · 08/03/2008 19:19

Ah mate...... I felt the same last w/e when ds had his first w/e with his dad. You sit there knowing you should make the most of the time but dont know how to find the entusiasm to do it!!!!! I really feel for you and hope you work your way through it!!!!

gordieracer · 08/03/2008 19:20

Where are you Allegone, Im in the same position

allgonebellyup · 08/03/2008 19:21

oh yes..i think i have bored enough people here on MN with my tales of woe (i asked him to leave after going through a bad patch, also i had PND and treated him like utter crap, he meets someone else straight away and gets her pregnant cos she told him she was infertile. He is standing by her even though he doesnt really want baby. Says he will never come back to me)

but tonight thats not even my main issue, its just all my mates are busy and my dc are away, and nobody loves me! [self pity face]

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