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maintenance increase - when is the right time when you have agreed to increase it in line with the retail price index?

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isheisnthe · 04/03/2008 14:05

Does anyone know - does this come out once a year, in april (when most people get a pay increase ect) or is it continuous?

Me and exp agreed to increase what he gives me in line with it but that was in November, so if its out again in April I dont want to be waiting until November every year - and where can I find out what it is etc?

Any help much appreciated.

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Tinkerbel6 · 04/03/2008 14:42

If its a private agreement then its something that is sorted out between yourselves, you could get something drawn up via a solicitor but there is no need to pay out for something if its amicable between you.

isheisnthe · 04/03/2008 14:45

its not private - it was drawn up by solicitors but no date was put in for when we would look at the RPI - Does anyone think April would be fair? Thats when his payrise comes and mine too - or the aniversary of the agreement (november)

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wackyraces · 04/03/2008 15:12

Yes April seems fair to me, easier to do it when you get your payrise. What does your ex h think?

isheisnthe · 05/03/2008 07:29

knowing him (tight arse) he will have something less than positive to say!

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