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I really hate him he's a pig

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birky · 27/02/2008 18:47


Ex rang me this morning asking when he could pick his stuff up so once again told him he has to wait til solicitors sort it out. He asked me if there was any post for him which there isnt, said hes waiting for an important letter and started accusing me of throwing it away. Told him he shouldn't be getting 'important letter' sent to this address in the first place. He then had the cheek to ask me what time I went out this morning so assume he'd been ringing the house phone and asked me how did I know that the important letter hadn't been delivered.

His mum then rang me in the afternoon complaining that he'd been ringing her all day telling her to talk to me about his stuff. Had a chat with his mum who is getting sick of him. She told me that he has not been putting any maintenance into an account for DD. He was supposed to be having her tomorrow with his mum and she told me that he's going out and leaving DD with her for most of the day.

Rang him in the afternoon and completely lost it with him. He says what he's doing with maintenance is none of my business and that where he goes is none of my business as I don't control HIS life anymore. Asked why he'd made plans if he knew he was having Kaitlyn, he said what he had planned was more important.

I really really hate him

OP posts:
shelleylou · 27/02/2008 19:08

Maintenance is definately your business, get in touch with CSA i cant see you getting anything of him for your daughter unless you do this. As for where he goes if hes got Kaitlyn it is your business. I cant believe hed said that his arrangements where more important. IMNHO hes just showing what a waste of space he is as a dad. Sorry if it sounds harsh and your right he is a pig. Virtual hugs

birky · 27/02/2008 19:12

I've just submitted my CSA application online, put as much info in as I could still got his wageslips so have his NI no etc

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ScruffyTeddy · 27/02/2008 19:12

Welcome to the world of being a lone parent

shelleylou · 27/02/2008 19:20

Good on you birky! Its one of those things that needs to be done.

birky · 27/02/2008 19:25

Wish I could sell his stuff to get what he already owes me in maintenance lol

I swear he's got a personality disorder he's like 2 different people. I started having a go at him on the phone about assulting me and he kept saying he hasn't done anything and doesn't know what I'm talking about. Then told me he was recording the phonecall for his solicitor. He's in serious denial about everything he's ever done to me

OP posts:
PersephoneSnape · 27/02/2008 19:28

stick it all on ebay and then open an account for your dd.

he is a pig. you're not wrong.

shelleylou · 27/02/2008 19:33

as far as i know its illegal to record any conversation or part of a conversation without the other participants consent. If this is right then that conversation shouldnt have any baring in court as legally it shouldnt be used. Check it out and make sure. He could just be trying to wind you up.

ScruffyTeddy · 27/02/2008 19:36

Think shelley is right afaik, recorded phonecall cant be used in court unless other party had given permission.

shelleylou · 27/02/2008 19:40

woohoo think i may ave got something right lol. that permission should really be given in writing so theres a 'hard copy' kind of thing.

birky · 27/02/2008 19:41

Nope I havent given permission for him to record any phonecalls.

Currently looking into lie detector tests. Id definately pay for one to prove he's lying about being violent towards me

OP posts:
shelleylou · 27/02/2008 19:50

If he has recorded them then he can be cautioned/charged by police cos i think its classed of breach of privacy or something like that. I have no idea how much a lie detector test would cost or how easy it would be to get one. Would your solicitor be able to sort something out with one? It might be worth discussing with them.

birky · 27/02/2008 19:52

Gonna speak to solicitor monday about it

OP posts:
shelleylou · 27/02/2008 19:57

I would, worth seeing what they say best of luck

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