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Lonestar7211 · 05/06/2023 17:36

Hi I need some help. I’ve got a new born who is my world. But the father wants nothing to do with her. I need financial support but I only know his first name and an old address is there anything I can do to claim CMS.

we don’t have any form of contact

OP posts:
JanglyBeads · 05/06/2023 17:42

See what it says on the cms website.

SheilaFentiman · 05/06/2023 23:07

Page 1 says they will help you find the parent if you don’t know where they are. May be tricky without a surname. Does the father knows you were pregnant?

SheilaFentiman · 05/06/2023 23:08

…sorry, missed that you said he wants nothing to do with her. When were you last in touch?

Lonestar7211 · 14/06/2023 12:21

Before she was born

OP posts:
KEG05 · 14/06/2023 12:37

phone the cms they will take as much information as you know. Age. Last known address. Job etc if you know any of that as it all goes towards finding him even if you don’t know his surname.

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