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Belle96 · 04/06/2023 19:23

Only wondering as I've never really thought in depth about this until today.

I have a case through the CMS. No contact with the other parent. Their choice not mine, payments stopped 3 years ago with the standard letter of they don't qualify

6 months ago payments started again only the standard £30.47 a month leading me to believe they're on benefits.

However when I've taken 5 minutes recently it turns out the break in payments was due to a return to education (fair enough) but subsequently now have better earning power (and job) so why if they have progressed with their career do I receive this?

Is it just simply due to the fact they are earning however they have a UC top up that CMS only recognise they're on benefits?
I'm clueless and quite frankly I've done everything so far so tempted to close down the claim.

Just don't understand why you only receive the benefit amount if they are also working full time as well?!

OP posts:
caringcarer · 04/06/2023 19:26

Would a private detective be worth it to find out if they are working and where too?

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