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My children's dad has moved on and I feel odd

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daisyjones45 · 24/05/2023 14:11


Me and my child's dad split last October and although I have moved on myself and am in a happy relationship I feel really bitter sweet that he's found someone.

We have 2 children together (5 and 1) and I ended the relationship. We were childhood sweethearts he had only ever been with me before this but with age we grew apart and the relationship become hostile.

I know if I had to leave my current partner and take him back.I'd be unhappy so why am I bothered? Is this normal or am I just a toxic mess?

OP posts:
Tailfeather · 24/05/2023 16:40

I think it's entirely normal. But you do need to move on. The feeling will pass. (Unless you do still love him?).

Weallgottachangesometime · 24/05/2023 16:43

It’s normal. I think the fact that you are reflecting on WHY you feel the way you do and know that it’s not entirely logical, is a good sign. I’d let time deal with it. It’s bound to feel odd. I’d just put in some effort to force yourself to remind yourself of why this is the right thing for you both.

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