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Travel/Maintenance Query

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Rufusdufus77 · 19/05/2023 10:39

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Hi all,
OK so I need advice....please!
My ex and father of our child, moved away when she was 3 years old. We agreed at the time that he would have her on the majority of half terms and 4 weeks of the summer holidays with Christmas being alternated.
I stated I was happy with this arrangement but that I would not being the one doing the transportation or paying for the fuel as it was his decision to move. He agreed and said that he wouldn't expect me to do this as again, this was his decision.
Somehow or another, we have ended up 7 years later meeting at a halfway point (which is a 400 miles round trip for us both) and I am having to pay for the petrol to do this. Once at the beginning of the week and then at the end when I collect her.
He gives me between £80-£100 a month maintenance (which coincidently comes from his new wife's account) and when I take out the petrol costs spread throughout the year, that leaves £5 a week for our child. He doesn't help in any other way (ie school uniform or trips etc)
He has now said this evening that if he has to drive all the way to get her, then DD will not be getting the maintenance for that month as he will be spending it on fuel.
I work full time and care for her on my own. I get about 100 a month benefits. I do not have the money to be spending on petrol to facilitate contact when he made the decision to move in the first place.
I have decided that I am going to ring CSA on Monday and speak to them.
Please tell me im not going mad or being unreasonable!!
Thanks all x

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RedRosette2023 · 19/05/2023 11:52

CMS do allow expenses for fuel - but from the paying parent not yours. £100 is so low - do you know roughly what he’s earning? Is that a CMS calculated figure? I would pursue a CMS claim.

If the fuel costs for you equal the maintenance he gives wouldn’t you be better saving yourself the time and agreeing to no
maintenance but he does the driving? I know
i’d rather be doing something else than sat in the car.

Rufusdufus77 · 19/05/2023 18:59

Yeah, that would be a better option but I don't trust him driving from Peterborough to Penzance and back again in a day. Because that's what he would do, and I think he would fall asleep x

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