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lalallola · 12/05/2023 21:12

Recently split and ex is saying £200 a month for our two young children. They won't be seeing him due to a police investigation. Is he having a laugh or is this really the reality of it? 

OP posts:
TeaKitten · 12/05/2023 21:14

It depends how much he earns to be honest OP. Have you checked the CMS calculator to see if it’s worth going through them?

pecantoucan · 12/05/2023 21:15

They won't be seeing him due to a police investigation?! I'd be going through CMS. Don't want any contact with him.

TellHimDirectlyInDetail · 12/05/2023 21:15
pecantoucan · 12/05/2023 21:17

Only works if you know his salary. He may not be open about it or may now have none.

lalallola · 12/05/2023 21:18

£2000 per month and two other child from a previous relationship. Just when I’m looking at house outgoings, clothes, outings, savings, occasions, etc it just seems like a drop in the ocean.

OP posts:
pecantoucan · 12/05/2023 21:19

Ah. If he has other children then they are taken into account to a certain extent.

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