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ADmama · 23/04/2023 07:31

I'm a single 37 year old in December I adopted my daughter who will be 2 in august so I’m a single adopter . Recently I have out I’m pregnant but I don’t think the guy wants to be involved. To be honest I’m unsure wether going through the pregnancy is the right thing to do even though it’s something potentially I wanted for the future I didn’t envision it like this and I don’t have a great support network around me in general I worry about all sorts of things and I also don’t want my adopted daughter to suffer or feel like the odd one out which people suggested she may .
i just wondered if there was any single adopters out there who found themselves in my position after adopting ?

OP posts:
Showmethefood · 26/05/2023 17:57

Hi. Didn’t want to read and run. I hope you’re ok. I wasn’t an adoptee single mother , but I have been single and pregnant. My child’s a teen now. You’re welcome to drop me a PM for some support if you like.

bladebladebla1 · 26/05/2023 18:24

Not the same but I'm the only adopted one in a family of 4. I don't feel bad about it. In fact it was always put to me that I was so special because they chose me 🥰

Irked · 15/06/2023 16:49

Only you can answer this, but you have been managing as a single mum so far, then you will manage with another one in the mix. Yes, it is hard, but there are so many benefits and it will be a nice age gap for them to grow up closely.

Have you spoken to the guy about it or are you just assuming he doesn't want to be involved?

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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