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Spreading some single parent love for valentines day 2moro!! xxxx

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goingbonkers · 13/02/2008 22:38

Hi to all single mums and dads that, like me will be alone tomorrow night. My plan is the same as I did on new year... Love myself!! Will be opening a rare bottle of wine,having a candle lit bath that's full of bubbles, and eating chocolates! Go on peolpe - treat yourself to a night of self indulgence, you deserve every second of it!

Love to you all XXX
(And my daughter will give me all the kisses and cuddles I'll need!!)

OP posts:
singledadofthree · 13/02/2008 22:43

thanks bonkers - will be working on ds's mini, the racing season starts soon and its still in bits.

miarosemum · 13/02/2008 22:46

yes bonkers, think might do the same, had a valentines card already though although off my favourite admirer - my dd!

goingbonkers · 13/02/2008 22:54

Ahhh! Yes my LO made me a card too!

And SDof3, enjoy the boys time!! Sounds like fun!

I'm not usually a valentinsey person but I'm starting to feel the loneliness these days. It's been 3yrs since I've been in a relationship and I never go anywhere to get any chance at meeting anyone new. Sad eh??

Still- let's spread the love!! xxx

OP posts:
singledadofthree · 13/02/2008 23:10

thanks - it is fun but just had 2 days off work to get caught up with it. and also feeling more lonely lately than i ever remember. spend most days and a lot of evenings working on my own with little chance of meeting anyone so thanks again. must say your night in sounds rather more fun than mine, but will be good to hear the old mini running.

lostdad · 14/02/2008 08:49

It's going to be `interesting'. Last Valentine Day was (I thought) a happy one, a romantic meal I'd cooked to eat with my (ex)wife and our son asleep upstairs. It's going to be an empty house tonight.

Hope everyone who has a lousy time tonight has a better one next year...if things can change this much (for the worse) in a year, they should in theory be able to get better, too....

MascaraOHara · 14/02/2008 08:53

Happy Valentines Day People x

greeneyedgirl · 14/02/2008 10:19

Yes. Good idea, maybe I will treat myself! I'll have the house to myself as Mum and Dad will be out being all loved up (sigh). I do have a boyfriend (god I sound about 16 when I say that), but sadly, no valentines treats for me

Hey ho, c'est la vie! Have a good one everyone.

theheadgirl · 14/02/2008 11:15

A lovely idea bonkers! I shall follow your lead, and have a nice evening to myself (if I get the gals to bed at a reasonable time)
Have a good day everyone xxx
(have to say though, when I WAS in a couple, I never found valentines to be that romantic. Its a bit of a Hallmark holiday, I've never hankered after overpriced roses! but for some reason Christmas, and Bonfire night are much more romantic to me, and I do feel a bit lonely then)

Hobnobfanatic · 14/02/2008 11:26

Well, let's take solace in the fact that we don't have to share a box of chocs with ANYONE! We can all just slob out tonight and indulge to our heart's content! No fighting over the ganache... Yipeeeeeeeeeee....

MascaraOHara · 14/02/2008 12:30

oh HeadGirl, Bonfire night always get me.. no idea why.

I'll be cooking myself a nice dinner tonight and catching up with the ironing lol

Scramble · 14/02/2008 16:12

Well I have a beautiful bunch of roses, that I bought for myself. Having a nice dinner with my kids before exH arrives to do whatever with them, this is one night I really don't want him hanging out withthe kids here.

MascaraOHara · 14/02/2008 16:14

lol, I've decided to buy myself some flowers too and instead of doing my ironing I might curl up and watch a really girlie film like Amelie or something.

Scramble · 14/02/2008 16:25

I think once exH is away and kids inbed I will watch something good on TV and start another bottle of wine . bugger ironing, wouldn't do that at the best of times.

goingbonkers · 14/02/2008 20:01

That's the spirit, mascaraOhara! Ive got a bunch of (half dead) daffodils that I bought last week to cheer myself up! Thinking about taking up a salsa class soon - might meet some red blooded bit of stuff with some good hip movements - what d'you think?? Time to think positive.. I'm never gonna meet my prince charming otherwise. Bring on the chocolate!!!

OP posts:
Scramble · 14/02/2008 21:38

Oh well was crying with frustration over exH, (not lonelyness or even jealousy) (well OK I am jealous he has the freedom to do what he wants with his time and it is all to suit him).
So cracked open the pear cider and lokking for nibbles, watching Dawn Gets Naked.

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