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Xp asked me to marry him..

27 replies

nutcracker · 07/02/2008 18:39

He text me saying that he has had his pension offer (he can get it out cos he is now 50), and would I like to marry him ?

I text back, 'no thanks, I am busy'

He text back 'I didn't say which date'

So I replied, 'I am busy every day from now until I die'

OP posts:
charliecat · 07/02/2008 18:40

haha ha ha ha you have just made me scream with laughter.

dustystar · 07/02/2008 18:41

Fantastic reply nutty PMSL

expatinscotland · 07/02/2008 18:41

He texted a proposal to you?!

How romantic!

pirategirl · 07/02/2008 18:41


at cheek of him

Tortington · 07/02/2008 18:41


nutcracker · 07/02/2008 18:42

He asked if I wanted to know how much they have offered him. I so do, but I replied 'no, it's non of my business

He will still tell me, won't be able to help himself.

OP posts:
nutcracker · 07/02/2008 18:43

I said that he should try asking me exfriend he was once so fond of, she'll do anything for a fiver.

OP posts:
nutcracker · 07/02/2008 18:43


OP posts:
incognitoforTTC · 07/02/2008 18:44

Oh nutty, the man is piceless but your reply to him should go down in MN history for witty retorts.


incognitoforTTC · 07/02/2008 18:47
3Ddonut · 07/02/2008 18:49

Nice one!!!!! Good for you.

mummyofaprincess · 07/02/2008 18:54

this has put a massive smile on my face

KaySamuels · 07/02/2008 18:55

good for you nutty

Shizaru · 07/02/2008 18:56

ROFL. Can I clarify what it is he can get out now he's 50???

And 50?? FFS I knew he was older, but crikey!

Make sure maintenance goes up, wont you

NomDePlume · 07/02/2008 18:59

LOL @ 'I am busy every day from now until I die'

what a cock

NomDePlume · 07/02/2008 19:01

Shizaru, the '50 ffs' was a bit rude and unnecessary. He is a prick because he is a prick, his age is a bit irrelevant, no ?

pirategirl · 07/02/2008 19:02

yeah but nutty looks about 20, and she's very pretty too!!!

Shizaru · 07/02/2008 19:05

exactly pg.

Dont think it was unnecessary at all. But you are right - he is a prick just because he is a prick

NomDePlume · 07/02/2008 19:21

pirategirl - why the heck does nutty being pretty make a difference ?! Do men become repulsively ugly after a certain age then ?

nutty is fab, her x is a tosser. Her age, his age and their attractiveness has feck all to do with it

(sorry nutty)

nutcracker · 07/02/2008 19:34

LOL Calm down you lot

Xp is 50 yes, and I am 29, but thank you PG for saying I am pretty and look 20, and thank you NDP for saying I am fab I will now love you both forever

OP posts:
singledadofthree · 07/02/2008 22:59

ah but nutty - maybe you can get a pre nupt that he'll tile your bog and build you a shed - thats got to win him a point or two.

BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 07/02/2008 23:05

LGJ peers long and hard at Shizaru..............on her DH's behalf.

Citronella · 08/02/2008 20:53

this has cheered me up no end!

lou33 · 08/02/2008 20:58

lol well done nutty

nametaken · 08/02/2008 22:05

send him


If he's 50 he's probably their biggest fan

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