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has ex just stolen from me????

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fordfiesta · 03/02/2008 17:16

if you had bought something when in a relationship with your (very own) money but had bought that item for the two of you to use who would you say it belonged to???
And would you be cross that when visiting their son, ex dp has gone through my things in order to find it and removed it without my knowledge?

OP posts:
Lauriefairycake · 03/02/2008 17:19

If you were married its both of yours but its still dodgy he took it but would be up to you to 'secure' it

Not married he has stolen it from you - steal it back quick and hide it and stop letting him go through your stuff

fordfiesta · 03/02/2008 17:22

i thought that by putting it in my my bedroom in a cupboard it would be safe.... git!!!!! He has gone now so will probably never see it again.... it cost £400 as well!
Am trying not to get tooooo angry.

OP posts:
MAMAZON · 03/02/2008 17:28

i dont know about the legalities but i would be furious that A) he went in my bedroom cupboard and B) took it without even asking.

BreeVanDerCampLGJ · 03/02/2008 17:30

Is he local ??

If so I would call him and ask him to have DS for an hour or so as you are expecting the police as you appear to have been burgled and they are on their way.

Freckle · 03/02/2008 17:48

If you are not married, then I would say he has stolen it from you and report it to the police. He has breached your trust by going through your stuff in the first place and doubly by taking something which you bought with your money. Ensure that he never has access to your home again.

fordfiesta · 03/02/2008 18:02

bvdc.... not local,damit!!!
He has breached my trust (not that I had much to start with)... I am furious... but what can I do??
I do have the receipts so can prove they are mine, but am I really going to report my sons father to the police.... what can they do anyway, it is hardly crimewatch stuff is it?? It just causes a row that I can not cope with. Will ask my solicitor to send a letter I guess, but that in it's own right will cost a small fortune.
Oh god he is a w*nker (sorry) as always he wins any which way you look at it!

OP posts:
Flllightattendant · 03/02/2008 18:07

Call the police. No reason not to. He won't go to prison for it.

Flllightattendant · 03/02/2008 18:07

But phone and ask for it back first.

ChristmasShinySnowflakes · 03/02/2008 18:11

I agree with FA- call, text or email and ask for it back and call the police.

It's theft basically!

Can I ask what it is?

fordfiesta · 03/02/2008 18:36

nothing exciting..... 2 x camera lenses.
Have just txt him to ask for it back..... no reply yet!

OP posts:
Flllightattendant · 04/02/2008 08:30

Anything so far?

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