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speed dating

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TLV · 01/02/2008 20:23

anyone tried it?? a friend has suggested trying it sometime soon and i'm just wondering what to expect (apart from 3mins of me giggling like an idiot) only going for a laugh coz i'm nowhere near even thinking about getting involved with anyone just going for the night out really, mmm should I should stand back and watch

OP posts:
lou33 · 01/02/2008 20:36

no i havent but i reckon it would be a laugh to go with a few drinks inside you

Catnkids · 01/02/2008 23:43

I'd love to give it a go!...having just got back from a night out 'on the town' and seeing no talent whatsoever and no-one looked twice at me, there's got to be another way of meeting people. My friend did it a few years back and said there were lots of women and very few men....

madamez · 01/02/2008 23:46

If you're not up for playing, it can be a lot of fun to invent an alter-ego to do it as. I went with a mate, years ago, to the local OVer 30 Singles Disco and we had far more fun inventing our personas in the car than we did when we actually got there. As I recall she was a single mother of 7 and I was a proctologist...

Yorkiegirl · 02/02/2008 13:52

Message withdrawn

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