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mandy26 · 09/01/2008 11:24

Hi Guys Im new to the site I'm a lone parent in the Glasgow area and thinking of going back in to work any one have any advice on where to start?

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ihateironing · 09/01/2008 17:40

hiya, im in kilmarnock. what sort of thing would you like to do?

there are lots of people out their who can help and even pay for training and childcare

ScruffyTeddy · 09/01/2008 18:21

Hi mandy,
The lone parent advisers at the job centre are very good (if a tad patronising at times). They can do all sorts of calculations, taking into account working tax, benefits, childcare, even travel etc etc and see what kind of hours would work best for you. There are back to work grants and rent (if you rent of course) and council tax run ons that you can also get. If you need childcare you can get a list of Ofsted approved childcare from your local council to get an idea of rates and availability.

how old are your children/is your child and what do you do?

ihateironing · 09/01/2008 21:15

scruffyteddy is in england arent you?

ScruffyTeddy · 09/01/2008 21:26

Yep, didnt even look at the area! Nasty habit of scanning posts when being tugged at by four year old.

Catnkids · 09/01/2008 22:48

I'm desperately trying to find part time term-time work but it's just not happening for me. The Lone Parent Advisor has been really helpful with doing calculations etc but keeps sending me jobs that I'm not qualified for or the hours aren't right.

I work 8 hours a week in an office at the mo and work from home in the hols but less hours. I need more hours and more money!!

I'd make your Lone Parent Advisor your first port of call. Give the job centre a call and make an appointment to see someone about it.

Good luck!

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