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has anyone else been on holiday by themselves with just one child under 2?

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ADDICTEDtosayingHAAAAAAAPYxmas · 04/01/2008 14:33

really want to get away but can't think it will be incredibly boring with just me and ds. has anyone else done this and if so how old was your child at the time?

OP posts:
mrsmcv · 04/01/2008 14:36

I went with dd , she was 15 months old. It was absolutely the most brilliant holiday I've ever had, she was such great company and we made loads and loads of friends.

We went to majorca, half board. It was expensive but worth every penny to have someone else cook and make beds, I would recommend it to anyone

pinguthepenguin · 04/01/2008 15:25

I'ce just returned from a weeks long trip to Morocco with my 6mo! I did absolutely everything you could think of with her out there, including camel rides, trips into the atlas mountains, and a 2 day trip to Marakech.
It was swonderful, so much so that I felt inspired enough to encourage other lone parents to do the same, and have since emailed several parenting magazines, aking them if they'd be interested in running a feature about it. I've only had one reply so far, which was to say no , but I'll keep trying!

Honestly, I had no trouble meeting people, and everyone was keen to help with the practical things. If you have a cast iron determination to make the most of it, you'll have a fab time.

pinguthepenguin · 04/01/2008 15:27

Given the number of typos in my last post, it's no surprise they turned me down!

ADDICTEDtosayingHAAAAAAAPYxmas · 04/01/2008 15:34

pingu try emailing this lady.

[email protected]

OP posts:
mrsmcv · 04/01/2008 15:40

Morocco sounds fab. I would like to take dd to cuba in the next couple of months. What do you think, anyone?

yogimum · 04/01/2008 15:54

mrsmcv, I love Cuba and have spent lots of time there, had a partner there for a while. There are several good hotels on the stretch of Varadero but similiar to lots of other all inclusive destinations in the world. Outside of these facilities are limited and the food can be dire.

pinguthepenguin · 04/01/2008 15:58

who is she, addicted?

mrsmcv- Cuba sounds completely amazing, have always wanted to go, but sadly out of my budget for now. Had such a wonderful experience travelling alone with dd, despite her young age, that I would thorougly encourage other lone parents to do the same.
Cuba....mmmm, Havana club, latin jazz, handsome men. Er, what I mean to say, is that it'll be a highly educational trip for your lo.

mrsmcv · 04/01/2008 16:13

that's what I thought, pingu

loved travelling with dd so much that I'll do it again from choice.

mrsmcv · 04/01/2008 16:14

Quite fancied going to Havana yogi, do you think it would be ok with 20 month old baby? am pretty confident but don't want to do anything daft.

ADDICTEDtosayingHAAAAAAAPYxmas · 04/01/2008 16:26

she works for practical parenting magazine and she asks mums to feature in articles etc.

OP posts:
yogimum · 04/01/2008 16:29

Havana is very safe but as a tourist you will be targeted and as a woman on your own the men are not always honourable and will find anyway possible to get your attention. Remember they are poor and to them all foreigners are rich. What kind of hotel are you looking for? I think if I was going with a lo I would opt for a hotel rarther than the b and b option. There will be a bigger variety of food and quality will be better.

yogimum · 04/01/2008 16:37

Smoking is not banned anywhere in Cuba so it may annoy you when everyone is smoking around your toddler. I think you can still smoke on their national airline.

mrsmcv · 07/01/2008 10:16

Hi yogi - good advice about Havana, I don't want to be hassled at all or feel vulnerable and that sort of thing might make it hard work on my own with dd. On the other hand, might get frustrated with being in varadero or somewhere and itching to see a bit more of the place. May be one to leave for later.

zmandaz · 07/01/2008 21:03

Theres a company - which specialises in holidays for single parents. You meet at the airport, fly out together and stay in the same section of the hotel. They also run excursions for the group so you don't have to go anywhere alone. They are a bit pricey but I'm considering them for next year, especially the holidays to Croatia which I'd love to go to.

treaclepudd · 07/01/2008 21:23

My advice is that it will be fine! Where ever you go, you will feel alot more liberated and confident, happy and a better mum to be with. Kids always remember the good times and you have to make those times! I took my two kids camping by myself last year in Devon and they and me had a fab time. It wasn't always easy but it was 'an adventure' for them [aged 1 and 6]! Go for it!

nappyaddict · 07/01/2008 23:25

we should all go somewhere together lol. these "single parent" companies are a bloody rip off!!

TLV · 08/01/2008 07:54

oooh can I come too?

nappyaddict · 08/01/2008 07:59

the more the merrier

zmandaz · 08/01/2008 19:19

I totally agree, the companies which specialise in single parents hols are a rip off. I assume they get people going on them but I don't know many single parents who could afford them. I was thinking of going with the one I put on above but I just got their new brochure through and there's no way I could afford their prices. They must know that a lot of single parents are on low incomes.

nappyaddict · 08/01/2008 22:50

it's not a bad idea you know ... we organise mn days and nights out ... why not a holiday? you can get those really big villas which sleep 10 and it works out about £45 per person plus flights. i have a few friends that did this a couple of years back.

LouiseLayla · 09/01/2008 19:24

hi i'm planning to go to morocco also in march with 10mth old. please,please can i have tips and info on where you stayed. i'm feeling a bit nervous as people keep putting me off,but i really want to do it, any help on planning this will be much appricated .shame no one interested in your article

pinguthepenguin · 09/01/2008 19:40

I stayed in the 'Hotel Oasis' in Agadir, which is on the coast. Its a nice hotel, really clean and modern. Not amazing food, but edible and healthy enough.

Agadir itself is pretty non-descript in that its just a coastal resort, with lots of restaurants and some bars and a beach. I actually spent little time exploring Agadir as I wasn't that interested in it and didn't find it particuarly enthralling. Instead, I spent all my time enjoying the excursions on offer and I loved every single one of them, from trips up into the atlas mountains, a 2 day trip into Marakech, everything.

I would thorougly recommend that you go, its super child friendly, warm, inviting- I simly loved it.{smile]

blanki · 09/01/2008 22:59

Personally Cuba was a nightmare. Will stick to places alot nearer our health service etc 'til , actually after China etc will stick with NHS, euro health and good ole USA insurance until after everyone has private health insurance. Too many dramas already!

squareheadcut · 09/01/2008 23:25

i went to cuba this summer and loved it thought it very child friendly indeed. food terrible though handsome men. i am thinking of goin brazil or japan with my nine month old next. or maybe a quick break first to somewhere in europe. looking for ideas, portugal sounds good.

squareheadcut · 09/01/2008 23:27

travelling with my son is fantastic, he's so good on the long haul i just think i'll make the most of the fact that he's got a passport.

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