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What to wear - ARGH no time to shop

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MascaraOHara · 27/12/2007 15:34

Meal tonight, don't know where with fella, his parents and brother + brothers girlfriend.. Would it be acceptible to go in jeans? if so what sort of top.. apparently it's not a dressy affair but obviously as I'm the new girl want to make a good impression and hit the right note.

I was thinking maybe, jeans, boots and a thin knit top?

or maybe do you think skinny jeans in boots with a dress over the top?

Or should I wear trousers? too dressy? I expect fella will be in jeans...

OP posts:
frazzledbutcalm · 27/12/2007 15:51

Skinny jeans and dress sounds best to me. Enjoy your night

Alambil · 27/12/2007 23:51

how did it go? what did you wear?

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