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OH Hells Bells .... MAJOR financial crisis

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Alambil · 16/12/2007 21:46

Did I spell crisis properly? I can't decide!

Anyway; the disaster is this.

I was near the end of my overdraft (it is £500 and something - think it is 50 something). I had to do Asda shop as we had NO food at all; the bill came to £28.

I'm not entirely sure if I went over the end of the bloody overdraft.

I really want to know if I'll be fined so will go to the bank tomorrow.

Why do they do that though - you have ZERO money, so they charge you!!! It is stupid.

Anyway, I am totally stressed out, can't concentrate on anything, snapping at all and sundry... I was 10 on that questionnaire thingy for depression the last time I went (a month ago or so) and she said that 11 = depressed, so I was right on the edge.

I feel totally out of control; can't sleep, don't eat if I can help it, want to cry ALL the time and SO stressed about money.

Anyone know when the DSS will put the Income Supp in (It is meant to be Boxing Day)?

Would you recommend ADs to "level" me? Do they help with stress/the other stuff?

The only good thing is I have food for this week and DS is on school lunches so has a hot, healthy meal at school so spaghetti or beans on toast is all I could afford for his dinners this week

OMG help me - I am falling apart; apologies for disjointed post

OP posts:
FatBellyJones · 16/12/2007 21:50

They are not allowed to take your benefit money for charges, hang on a sec and I'll see if I can find the relevant info on it


FatBellyJones · 16/12/2007 21:54

Social Security Administration Act 1992
Certain benefit to be inalienable **

187- Subject to the provisions of this Act, every assignment of, or charge on-
(a)benefit as defined in section 122 of the Contributions and Benefits Act;
(b)any income-related benefit; or
(c)child benefit,
and every agreement to assign or charge such benefit shall be void; and, on the bancrupcy of the beneficiary, such benefit shall not pass to any trustee or other person acting on behalf of his creditors.

** inaliable = not to be forfeited.
Basically they can't take you benefit money for overdrafts or debts, and if they have you can ask for it back !

took that from here

also.. benefit payment dates over the holiday

Hope that helps a little bit, it's awful being skint

Alambil · 16/12/2007 21:55

Oh yes that is helpful - thank you so, so much. At least I can ask for it back and have the law behind me.

OP posts:
FatBellyJones · 16/12/2007 22:01

have you looked into reclaiming past charges too? lots of people are doing it whether on benefits or not.. I did it last year and got over £2k back.. so it's well worth the effort

CarGirl · 16/12/2007 22:03

you should get your benefits the last working day before they are due so xmas eve for boxing day due money I'm 99% sure.

Alambil · 16/12/2007 22:08

Haven't had any charges yet (usually very good with money - Christmas has wiped me out).

Cargirl, I'd love to believe that and in any other company wage-givers situation, I would. This is the DSS though - the same department that have tried to evict me 3 times and claim that I'm falsely claiming when I wasn't and then proceeded to lose the paperwork I sent and summons me to court!!

I would love to think it will come on Christmas Eve, but part of me daren't.

Will have to wait n see I guess.

OP posts:
FatBellyJones · 16/12/2007 22:09

cargirl's right

If you are due to receive your payment on Tuesday 25 December (Christmas Day) or Wednesday 26 December (Boxing Day) we will make your payment on Monday 24 December (Christmas Eve).

If you are affected by this you will be able to collect your payments in the usual way (for example, from the Post Office or from your bank account) on these days.

All payments due on 1 January will be available on Monday 31 December.

Customers in Scotland who are due to receive payment on 2 January, we will make your payment available on Monday 31 December.

Alambil · 16/12/2007 22:11

Oh well maybe they will get it right for once! I am so cynical these days... it's not attractive lol.

Thanks for finding these things out FBJ, am really grateful.

OP posts:
CarGirl · 16/12/2007 22:12

I only know because I get all confused when by CB and CTC go in on the wrong day - I'm there thinking what's that money???? Or coure the down side is that you have to make it last an extra 2 days until it gets paid again.

Alambil · 16/12/2007 22:14

I will manage that - it was the not getting it at all that was freaking me out!

If the worst comes to the absolute worst, I do have family that will feed us.

OP posts:
CarGirl · 16/12/2007 22:16

I hope your family have bought you really great gifts. Good luck sorting things out at the bank.

Alambil · 16/12/2007 22:20

Thanks cargirl - they have (I know what I'm getting already).

I hope your Christmas is good too - thanks for your kindness

OP posts:
FatBellyJones · 16/12/2007 22:22

no probs, it's only because i've been in the same boat and know how you're feeling

atm I'm sort of screwed because my bank have frozen my account because of 'unusual activity' well duh........ I've had no income for 3 months til last week, so there's been a lot of bills to pay via debit card and it's the week before christmas and shopping needs to be done.. they're declining everything even tho I went thru the list of transactions with them and was able to identify them all

Alambil · 16/12/2007 22:23

oh NO!!! that is awful

OP posts:
macdoodle · 17/12/2007 17:10

Oh hon don't panic please...I am in massive debt (serious amounts of money)...I have a good job and earn good money but this only makes them want to lend me more and more..I know that horrible sinking feeling very well...and there is nothing wrong with beans on toast add some cheese and you can't go wrong

Alambil · 17/12/2007 20:06

Thanks Macdoodle

OP posts:
madamez · 17/12/2007 20:08

More solidarity coming your way - we are always broke because about a third of y income is impossible to predict - either the amount or when I will get it, so I try to avoid direct debits as much as possible but things still go wrong a lot Oh well. Next year will be better...

Janos · 17/12/2007 20:42

You WILL get your money before Christmas Day Lewis so please don't panic about that.

More solidarity over here, FWIW. I've been there and know what a toll it can take on your helath (depression, not sleeping etc).

AD's may help.

Are you really depressed though, or just stressed out beyond belief?

MAybe some light sedatives might help?

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