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he's only gone and f**king done it again!!!

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juicychops · 05/12/2007 12:30

my ex who i hadn't seen in months approached me yesterday morning to first ask how 'he is doing' (reffering to my ds). My response was what do you care, you haven't seen him for nearly 2 years!
He then replied 'yeah, i know, i haven;t had the opportunity' (he lives literally 5 mins walk from me and ds)

i told him he shouldn't be allowed to have more kids (he has just had another baby with his current girlfriend)

He said i know

he then said 'i just wanted to let you know, i got the sack yesterday so you wont be getting any more csa money'

I am so fuming. i have only had 2 payments from him so far since i applied over a year ago! and they were both reduced because he had been off work as his baby had just been born and apparently, stuff me and my ds and what we need, but i have to get reduced amounts of csa money because he needs to get a certain amount each week before i can get my money.

So the £200 i was expecting at the end of the month i wont be getting, nor anything else in the near future.

This is the 3rd time in the last year he has got the sack from jobs. He owes me over £1200 in arrears and i am not seeing a penny of it.

im sure he is doing all this just to make my life a misery!

Just needed to have a rant!!

OP posts:
coldtits · 05/12/2007 12:31

Oh you poor thing, how infuriating!

Tinkerbeltinsel · 05/12/2007 13:12

you are still entitled to £5 out of his benefit money if he signs on but they will take in account his other child so you might get £2.50, its actually not worth the stress of battling with the csa and the cost of the phone calls, although he still has to pay the arrears whether he is working or not, defo pursue it

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