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Does anyone think it's worth contacting the CSA?

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HappyMumOf2 · 08/11/2004 13:39

Message withdrawn

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ladymuck · 08/11/2004 13:47

I thought that if you were on IS, then the CSA had to get involved - it is only voluntary if you're not on benefits?

And yes, you would get very little out of it - anything your ex paid would go to offset your benefits.

tammybear · 08/11/2004 13:50

when i applied for IS, you do have to apply to the CSA, but i never heard from them as me and exp came to our own arrangememnets, so i dont know how it all works, but if he is on a low wage then you wont be entitled to much.

Caligula · 08/11/2004 14:00

HMO2, I'm supposed to get a fiver a week for 2 kids, so it'll probably the same for you (I think that's the minimum sum), but Gingerbread are wrong - you are allowed to keep the first £5 of maintenance without it affecting your IS. It's only a fiver, but when you're on IS, that fiver can be important.

There's nothing immature about expecting your child's father to give some level of support (even if very low) to his own flesh and blood. Go for it, your children need the money.

beansmum · 08/11/2004 14:02

if you're on IS you will have to go through the CSA, someone should come round and get your ex's details from you. it might take them a while to get around to it though, and you probably wont see any money for ages, if at all. But you will have to give his details or your IS can be reduced.

msann · 08/11/2004 14:07

if u start off with csa they'll always chase the father up 4 money.....but never rely on CSA money....they can b slow & useless (most of the time) ...but u just have to count any money u get thru them as a bonus!

Caligula · 08/11/2004 14:11

They are crap, but if you make enough of a fuss, they give you compensation for being crap. So it is worth going via them, because they'll give you some money in the end.

HappyMumOf2 · 08/11/2004 14:30

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
tammybear · 08/11/2004 14:32

is that £200 a week or a month?

HappyMumOf2 · 08/11/2004 14:34

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
tammybear · 08/11/2004 14:37

when my exp was earning roughly £200 a week, he was suppose to be giving me £33 a week which he didnt. you can calculate how much you're entitled to here

tammybear · 08/11/2004 14:38

but as its cash in hand, it may be different. like i said i dont know how CSA work, and have tried to avoid them by making my own arrangements with exp (even though he has messed me around!)

nightowl · 08/11/2004 23:47

my ex is on around £250.00 a week and ive been told he has to pay £52.00 a week to be split between two mothers. apparently i get to keep £10.00 of my £26.00 being on IS. dont know if thats any help at all. you can get a book with tables in it that show you how this works. however, cash in hand i know nothing about sorry and ive been waiting nearly a year now and havent received a penny from ex, csa are pretty useless.

HappyMumOf2 · 09/11/2004 10:19

Message withdrawn

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