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tHINK I have just been stood up!

9 replies

jellyjelly · 23/11/2007 20:26

Was supposed to be having a date tonight and he should have come up to my house for drinks before heading into town. Got all dressed up and he has not turned up.

I knew that he had to do something before coming over and i guess he could have got held up but i feel bad.

OP posts:
Santasmissyontheside · 23/11/2007 20:27

how late is he?

Santasmissyontheside · 23/11/2007 20:30

did he just turn up!!!

charliecat · 23/11/2007 20:54

think he must have turned up

Santasmissyontheside · 23/11/2007 20:56

lol me too have good night jellyjelly

jellyjelly · 24/11/2007 21:52

yeah he did turn up and we had an amazing night. He even asked me out for dinner this week. Not had a dinner date in years.

OP posts:
kd73 · 24/11/2007 21:59

Lovely - hope it all works out well

SheherazadetheSwedishgoat · 24/11/2007 22:00


Pinkchampagne · 24/11/2007 22:01

Glad all went well last night. Enjoy your dinner date.

charliecat · 25/11/2007 16:40


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