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Lone parents

any single dad's out there?

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lozzawoo · 21/10/2004 00:13

I always seem to speak to mum's or single mum's but was just wondering how single dad's feel about the situation on bringing children up alone. It would be great to see your side

OP posts:
lou33 · 21/10/2004 00:17

jmg is your man on the street to speak to here, but he is a v rare poster now. Maybe he will reply if he is lurking tomorrow.

prism · 21/10/2004 09:43

I was one for a few years but now married to someone new. One amusing thing I remember is telling people what my circumstances were and them just failing to believe me- saying things like "I have to pick up my daughter at X" or "I can't work weekends because of my daughter" seemed to translate to "I think I might pick up my daughter at X if I have nothing better to do" in the minds of other people (mostly men but some women too). I think there's a wide spectrum of parents of both sexes so my experience won't necessarily be anything like anyone else's.

lozzawoo · 22/10/2004 14:40

Hi Prism

Thanjs for your message. I take my hat off to you it is a hard job. Am glad you have someone else now u deserve it

OP posts:
prism · 02/11/2004 12:52

Thanks for that. It was a hard job at first but for a long time now I've just thought of it as normal life. A funny thing is that one day I realised that some of the men I liked and got on with best were ones who were for one reason either the main, or only, parent on the job. It was amusing how long it took me to notice.

I think it would be great if more dads could be allowed, or even made, to look after small children for substantial periods of time. Once you've had the "joy" of looking after a baby by yourself for a few days nothing seems quite so intimidating ever again, and it begins to be really rewarding.

lou33 · 02/11/2004 15:05

bump this for jmg now he is back posting

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