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Do you ever worry what would happen if you died in the night?

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IdreamofClooney · 15/10/2007 12:13

I am a bit stressed at work and feeling a bit down. Last night I started to worry about what would happen to DS if I died in the night.

I had visions of DS trying to wake me up "mummy, mummy wake up"

He is only two and we have a stair gate so he couldn't even get downstairs to food.

Not to mention the fact that Ex would then be his main carer. Really must get my will done properlY"

I am being a total worrier or do other parents worry about that?

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macdoodle · 15/10/2007 12:20

Me too ....especially the ex being main carer (and inheriting all my money and pension) trying to psych my sister up for fighting him for custody if I died
Panic at moment if I go into labour/bleed/pass out etc in middle of night with DD alone - she is luckily very sensible 6 yr old - has been drilled to phone 999 then phone dad (she knows his number by heart)..then run across road to neigbour/best friend who luckily is district nurse...and not to panic but still quite scared that she may have to deal with emergency alone (especially as baby due over xmas and H (doesn't live with us) is highly likely to be pissed/unconscious

IdreamofClooney · 15/10/2007 12:26

Poor you Macdoodle - that is worse.

My Ex is likely to be drunk a lot of the time too so not much help in an emergency.

I need to get my will done so that my house pension etc is in trust for DS as otherwise Ex would be living in my house off my life insurance nice.

Not sure what to do about appoinint a gardian for DS as really do not think that Ex would cope on his own as he couln't cope when I was there and doesn;t even wake up for nursery collection now

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macdoodle · 15/10/2007 12:35

It is so hard as my H is a dick and yes drunk most of time but he adores DD and she worships him and I guess if I died at least she would have her dad...BUT he is not great at the day to day practicalities....he would though fight tooth and nail for easy solution...but you are not alone worrying about these things guess we all must

IdreamofClooney · 15/10/2007 12:40

DS adores his Dad too and it is hard. My Es does look after DS a few afternoons a week but takes no reponsibility for anything so I get to do all the crap stuff and he gets to hang out with his adoring son when he feels like it


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