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Newly separated and not sure what to do re benefits - any advice greatly appreciated

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Geri2 · 12/10/2007 11:57

Hello to you all :0

Hoping someone will be able to advise me as i'm sooo confused at the moment and not sure what to do

I have recently seaparated from my Husband. we have 4 children one of whom is disabled.

I have phoned up and applied for child tax credit, and was told I may be able to get Income support. So I phoned to apply for that, and had to give hubbys details for csa.

Now my dilema is that I have worked out hubby would pay me $450. ( my pound sign isnt working so i'll use the dollar one instead!!) estimated income support is $160. but am I right in thinking that the goverment will take the $450 as they are giving me $160, in which case I will be worse off?

I get carers allowance for my disabled child, and she gets dla at higher rate for both care and mobility. Is her dla taken into account when working out my income although it is in her name so I didnt think so...

I had an appt earlier this week with the Job centre, but didnt have all documents with me.. ie carers allowance letter etc, so need to bring that in in the next 7 days, otherwise the claim won't go through. but I'm thinking that if I'm going to be worse off theres no point in me claiming income support anyway, and Hubby can set up a direct debit to pay me. One of the reasons for claiming 'is' was that it would open more doors for me ie free prescriptions etc, but I don't think it will??

If I decide not to continue with my claim for 'is' can I just phone them and tell them, or can I not get out of it, seeing as I'm now in the system?

Sorry for such a long post, hoping someone in the know will be able to advise me.

thanks in advance
x x x

OP posts:
lilmissmummy · 12/10/2007 13:04

HI Geri2.

You should get the full £450 and because you are doing it through IS instead of direct, you would also be eligable for Milk Vouchers and free school dinners etc.

With regards to the free presciptions I think that is now dealt with by WFTC and CTC and is for low income familys. But your best bet is to get to a Citizens Advice Bureau and ask them as they can work it out exact numbers and tell you what you can and cant claim ie. Housing benefit and council tax benefit.

DLA is not taken into account with CTC or IS.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!

Oh and you can just phone IS and cancel your claim. Best to know the exact facts before you do anything though!

Geri2 · 12/10/2007 13:16

Ahh thanks Lilmissmummy for getting back to me, I truly appreciate it

I spoke to csa and from looking on the net, I thought that i would get the first $10.00 of child support, as I would be getting income support, which would obv leave me out of pocket.

I have a 15min appt with a solicitor this pm at the CAB office, so hopefuly I'll get some answers and be more aware after that. I won't cancel cs till I know exactly where I stand tho :0

thanks again
x x x

OP posts:
Geri2 · 12/10/2007 13:21

ooh I forgot to say, am also waiting for 'gingerbread' to get back to me. They have a special project running at the moment aimed at Parents of children with special needs and benefits, so hopefuly they can help me too ;)

OP posts:
Skribble · 21/10/2007 00:11

I found it is also worth getting an appointment with a lone parent advisor. I found the CAB advice a bit vauge TBH.

jellyjelly · 21/10/2007 20:11

I found gingerbread to be alot better than cab.

Good luck

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