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How to renegotiate contact arrangements

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harman · 25/09/2007 18:46

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
harman · 01/10/2007 12:06

Message withdrawn

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Lorayn · 01/10/2007 13:30

Thats good so far then harman, I hope he at least tries to be reasonable.

Tinkerbel5 · 01/10/2007 13:50

nice one harman, hope it stays amicable

Anna8888 · 01/10/2007 13:51

Good. Carry on being firm and reasonable .

Surfermum · 02/10/2007 14:34

I've been itching to get on the PC and find out how things went. I'm so pleased! Lets hope he can see the sense behind what you're wanting to do, and him saying he'll come up with proposals is just him really saying "hang on, I'm going to have a say in this too" - and he'll end up just agreeing.

Oh and thanks for my egg!!

harman · 02/10/2007 20:43

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Anna8888 · 03/10/2007 12:13

Glad to know the negotiation is proceeding and look forward to hearing all about it

harman · 03/10/2007 18:14

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Anna8888 · 03/10/2007 19:57

Harman - that sounds pretty good going on the renegotiation of contact and I'm sure you'll get there in the end on the midweek stuff. Just keep being very reasonable and calm and clear about why you are asking for the specific arrangements you have requested.

As for the counselling - yes, counselling can be very gruelling and it very, very often causes friction with mothers . My partner has had a lot of counselling to get over his first marriage and he basically had to realise that he let his first wife emotionally blackmail him constantly because that's what his mother had brought him up to expect was normal behaviour in families. Not a very nice realisation and not good for filial feelings but better to realise it and to work out that life can be better, and fairer, than that.

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